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Domestic Violence

Most people never talk about domestic violence

Many studies have shown that domestic violence is very common in Maryland and across the United States. For example, in one study,…

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Understand your rights when leaving an abusive spouse

When you are in an abusive relationship, leaving that relationship is something that you are probably only going to do after you…

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Physical violence is never an acceptable action in an argument

People who are in a relationship are likely going to get into arguments every now and then. When the couple can resolve…

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Boyfriend arrested after domestic dispute ends with woman’s death

Domestic violence is an epidemic in our country, with millions of victims being abused each year. Sometimes, the violence ends with the…

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Local sheriff charged with domestic violence

On Sunday, April 10, the sheriff of Anne Arundel County was arrested by county police for second-degree assault. The domestic violence charge…

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What are non-physical effects of domestic violences?

Victims of domestic violence face a long road to recovery. In many cases, there are significant effects of the domestic violence that…

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Don’t make the mistake of putting your life in danger

The holidays are supposed to be a time when families come together for jovial gatherings. Sadly, many people find that they are…

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Domestic violence: Increase your safety when you leave

Living as a victim of domestic violence can have a lot of effects on your life. You might feel afraid. You might…

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What is domestic violence according to Maryland laws?

Domestic violence is a big problem for many people; however, there aren’t any specific laws governing domestic violence in Maryland except for…

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How can I protect my pet from domestic violence?

Researchers who have studied the correlation between domestic violence and the abuse of family pets have learned a lot in the past…

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Protective orders are useful when you escape domestic violence

Living in a home that is the site of domestic violence is dangerous. The danger extends from physical danger to emotional and…

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Understanding more about domestic violence charges in Maryland

When the police are called to a home in response to a report of domestic violence, there is a good chance that…

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The high price of domestic abuse

The consequences of domestic abuse are enormous. The emotional toll it takes upon the victim is impossible to calculate. Domestic violence affects…

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An Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer can help you

When you reach out to our firm, you can get help from a knowledgeable and supportive Anne Arundel County domestic violence lawyer. We…

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Maryland domestic violence laws highlighted by athlete’s firing

There are many variations of cases involving domestic abuse. They can involve family members, husbands and wives, people cohabitating with one another,…

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How can you use Maryland domestic violence laws for protection?

Unfortunately, domestic abuse happens all too frequently in Anne Arundel, Maryland. This is true in spite of the Maryland domestic violence laws…

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Maryland domestic violence laws can prevent escalation of abuse

Domestic violence is an issue that arises all too frequently. Maryland domestic violence laws are in place to ensure that the alleged…

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Maryland domestic violence laws can help those who are abused

The issue of domestic violence is prevalent and can happen to anyone regardless of the job or social status. An Ann Arundel…

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Maryland woman’s sister accuses her of domestic violence

Maryland domestic violence laws are largely oriented around trying to prevent violence between people in a romantic relationship, but there are many…

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Contacting a Maryland domestic violence lawyer to stop abuse

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer often deals with cases in which there is abuse of numerous kinds. It is a fact that…

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