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Category Archives: Child Sex Abuse


What Is Child Sex Abuse?

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

There are a lot of terms that describe crimes against children. For example, there is child abuse, child pornography, sexual assault, and rape. There’s also a term called child sex abuse. What exactly does that entail? It can actually include any of the above. Child sex abuse can occur between an adult and a… Read More »

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Man Charged with Child Sex Abuse After Groping Child on Train

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

Abusing a child in any way is never acceptable. However, some adults seem to think it is OK to touch a child in an inappropriate manner. Many children don’t know what to do in these situations, so they allow the abuse to continue. Some older children, however, are proactive and know to contact police… Read More »

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Baltimore Archdiocese Publishes Names of Clergy Accused of Child Sex Abuse

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

The church is supposed to protect children, but there have been many incidents in recent years—particularly in the Catholic religion—of priests and other clergy members abusing children. These incidents were covered up in the past to preserve the church’s reputation. In fact, the archdiocese policy used to prohibit releasing the names of priests and… Read More »

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