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Weapons Crimes

Baltimore Gang Members Facing Weapons, Murder, Assault Charges

While gangs seem to be something you don’t hear about as much anywhere, gang activity is rampant in many parts of the…

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Maryland Man Faces Weapons, Drug Charges

When a person commits a crime, they will often face state charges. In some cases, though, they may face federal charges, which…

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Maryland Man Pleads Guilty to Illegally Shooting Owl

While the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, there are some restrictions. Obviously, we are not allowed to shoot…

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3 Key Steps to Beating a Weapons Charge in Maryland

If you’ve been accused of a weapons crime in Maryland, you need aggressive legal help right away. Gun crimes are very serious…

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Possession of Guns on Maryland Public School Grounds

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll probably notice school shootings have been in the news almost every day of 2018. In the…

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Who can’t bring a gun to Maryland? What happens if they do?

Maryland Gun Laws Gun laws are becoming increasingly complicated to follow — so if you’re planning on moving to (or even just…

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Why would it be illegal to buy someone else a gun?

Buying a gun for someone else isn’t just a thoughtful gift — it could be illegal. It all depends on why you’re…

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Is it possible to suppress evidence in a weapons crime case?

Yes, suppressing particularly damning evidence is definitely a possibility for those named in a weapons crime case. However, you should be aware…

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Who cannot legally purchase or possess guns in Maryland?

In the interests of ensuring public safety, not everyone is legally allowed to own or possess a firearm in Maryland. The regulation…

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Federal appeals court hears challenge on assault weapons ban

In 2013, Maryland passed the Firearms Safety Act. That act banned guns with magazine capacities over 10 rounds and those weapons that…

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Man facing mutlple charges for alleged drugs, weapons violations

A 23-year-old man was found hiding in a basement by deputies with the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities were trying to…

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3 men arrested in separate incidents on gun charges

The Anne Arundel County Police were busy on Jan. 14. Three men from Glen Burnie, Maryland, were arrested in three separate incidents.…

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Weapons charges include more than only guns

Weapons laws cover many more weapons that just guns. Knives are also covered by these laws. Maryland’s knife laws are some of…

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What should I know about gun purchases in Maryland?

Maryland has some strict laws for some aspects of gun purchase and ownership. Anyone who is considering purchasing a gun should be…

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2 men arrested after 1 allegedly points gun at bar patrons

It’s really not anything new for drunk individuals to be kicked out of a bar because of their behavior. However, when someone…

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What is the federal law about felon in possession of a firearm?

Weapons charges are some very serious criminal charges, especially when the person facing the charge is already a convicted felon. When a…

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Two men involved in gun-based crime

When you are in a heated argument, you often aren’t aware that you may have crossed a line in the sand. The…

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Defense strategies that might occur in a first-degree murder case

In our previous post, we discussed first-degree murder charges and some of the basic information about them. One aspect of these charges…

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Understanding first-degree murder charges

Felony charges carry very harsh penalties for defendants who are convicted. One of the most serious charges someone can face is murder.…

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Why it’s important to understand Maryland’s handgun laws – III

Several weeks back, our blog began a discussion of the handgun laws here in Maryland as a means of providing people with…

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