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Category Archives: Prescription Drug Crimes


New Prescription Drug Monitoring Law Now in Effect

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

While illegal drugs have been a scourge on society for decades, more and more lawmakers are focusing on a different type of drug abuse: prescription drug abuse. In 2017, 18 million Americans admitted to misusing prescription drugs at least once in the previous year. In 2017, more than 17,000 Americans died from overdosing on… Read More »

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Maryland Physician Pleads Guilty to Prescription Drug Crimes, Sexual Contact with Patients

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

We trust our doctors to provide us with the best care possible, but sometimes they engage in activities that are unethical and even illegal. This was the case for a physician assistant in Maryland. The doctor, from Baltimore County, recently pled guilty to prescription drug crimes and sexual contact with patients. The 66-year-old man… Read More »

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Are You Committing a Drug Crime?

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

When you think of someone getting arrested for a drug crime, you may imagine someone hauling pounds of marijuana across state lines or selling heroin on a street corner. While these are the more common type of drug crimes, the simple actions you take regularly could actually be considered illegal. Drug crimes do not… Read More »

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3 Defenses to a Prescription Drug Charge

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

Anymore, prescription drugs are becoming one of the fastest growing types of drug crimes seen in criminal courts throughout the country. In fact, the government estimates that about 54 million Americans have used a prescription medication for a non-medical or “recreational” purpose at least once in their lifetimes. That represents a little more than… Read More »

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