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Category Archives: Prenuptial Postnuptial Agreement


Planning For Divorce Before Marriage

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

When you think of prenuptial agreements, you may think of something for the rich. While this may have been the case decades ago, this is no longer true. With millennials waiting longer to get married, the stakes are higher when they get divorced. Some have savings accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, and even houses. Having… Read More »

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Prenups Aren’t Just for the Wealthy

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

In the past several years, the notion of a prenuptial agreement has changed. In the past, such a legal document was reserved for primarily the rich and famous. Nowadays, prenups are becoming more and more common. They have especially become normalized among millennials who are planning to walk down the aisle. But why? Are… Read More »

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When to Consider a Postnuptial Agreement

By Todd K. Mohink, PA |

You may have heard about celebrities and other wealthy people getting prenuptial agreements before marriage. Prenuptial agreements are documents that outline how assets are to be split in the event of divorce. Also common are postnuptial agreements, which are basically the same thing, except the timing is different—they are executed during the marriage, instead… Read More »

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