Glen Burnie Child Pornography Lawyer

Glen Burnie Child Pornography Lawyer

Glen Burnie Child Pornography Attorney

If you have been charged with possession or distribution of child pornography, you may be facing state and federal charges. It is critical that your attorney has experience in federal court.

Attorney Todd K. Mohink defends clients against state and federal child pornography charges. He understands federal court regulations and procedures. You can count on his experience as a skilled negotiator and aggressive trial lawyer. The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, offers free consultations at both our locations — in Glen Burnie and Columbia — which can be scheduled online or by phone at 410-766-0113.

Aggressive Prosecution Requires Strong Defense

Law enforcement agencies in Maryland and across the country are aggressively prosecuting child pornography and other Internet sex crimes. In their rush to make arrests, however, police sometimes make mistakes. If you were lured into a conversation in a chat room by an officer pretending to be a minor, we may be able to argue that the police used entrapment.

It is also important to establish the truth behind any images stored on your computer. Did you intentionally download them? Do other users have access to your computer? The answers to these questions may provide us with a defense strategy.

Juveniles May Be Charged Too

Adults are not the only people at risk for child porn charges. Juveniles may be charged with possessing or distributing child pornography if they are caught texting, sexting or using e-mail or social media to distribute sexual content or images of minors. They can be charged even if the messages or images are sent between consenting underage partners. Just receiving sexual messages/images via text, e-mail or social media can result in an arrest if it is reported to the police.

Because use of the Internet or cellphones to commit a crime can be charged as wire fraud, Internet pornography and sexting cases may include federal charges. We have the federal defense experience necessary to protect your rights in these cases.

We Offer Effective Sex Crimes Defense

When you are facing child porn charges, and your reputation and career are on the line, turn to us. Call 410-766-0113 today to speak with our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled Glen Burnie child pornography lawyer.


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