Glen Burnie Family Lawyer

Glen Burnie Family Lawyer

Glen Burnie Family Law Attorney

Family law issues cover some of the most important areas of our lives: our spouse, our children, our home and our finances. It is easy to understand why people involved in family law disputes sometimes let their emotions influence their decisions. At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we strive to help people make intelligent, informed decisions about the future of their families. Our experienced Glen Burnie family lawyers can help you with all aspects of Maryland family law. From divorce to protective orders, we have the knowledge to provide wise counsel during difficult times. Call 410-766-0113 to discuss your concerns with us, or send us an email.

How Can Our Glen Burnie Family Attorneys Help You?

Our firm is committed to helping you achieve your goals while protecting your rights and interests. We believe that every client deserves legal representation that can help him or her move forward in a positive way. In addition to divorce and child custody, we handle the following areas of family law:

  • Separation: If you and your spouse are considering a separation, we can assist you with a separation agreement, which can address issues such as property division and spousal support as well as child custody and support.
  • Divorce: Divorce involves many personal and financial aspects. Our lawyers will guide you through the process, assisting with everything from property division and spousal support, to child custody issues.
  • Paternity: Whether you are seeking to establish or contest parental rights and responsibilities, we can help you with paternity actions. We represent mothers and fathers.
  • Restraining orders: Protective orders can prohibit a violent or abusive spouse, partner or family member from having any contact with you or your children. We can help you file an order or defend you if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence.
  • Prenups: Creating prenuptial or postnuptial agreements is a good way to avoid the potential for costly divorce litigation in the future. They can also be used to set aside assets for children of blended families.
  • Same-sex family law: In recent years, there have been significant legal changes that affect LGBT couples and families. Whether you are married or an unmarried couple, we use our knowledge of current legislation to handle your divorce/separation or other legal matter.
  • Partnership agreements: Premarital agreements are also important for same-sex couples, and domestic partnership agreements offer a legally binding alternative for unmarried couples.
  • Adoption: In Maryland, a domestic partner who is not a natural birth parent has no legal rights to his/her partner’s child, unless he/she legally adopts the child. We assist LGBT parents with adoptions issues and related concerns.

Contact Our Experienced Glen Burnie Family Lawyers Today

Whatever your needs, our Glen Burnie family lawyers are here to offer sound advice appropriate to your particular situation. To schedule your free initial consultation, complete our intake form or call 410-766-0113.


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