Ellicott City Family Law Attorney

Ellicott City Family Law Attorney

Ellicott City Family Law Lawyer

Family law cases in Ellicott City are personal, which is why they often become overwhelming for anybody who has to go through them. From divorces and separations to child custody disputes and alimony arguments, family law encompasses a plethora of legal actions, conflicts, and proceedings in the state of Maryland. No matter what kind of family law issue you have been confronted with, working with one of our Ellicott City attorneys can be highly beneficial.

At the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we set out to provide efficient and effective family law assistance. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of multiple skilled attorneys, our firm is able to offer some of the most comprehensive legal services in the state. Our insight into Maryland law is extensive, helping to give us the skill set needed to find solutions for your case even when obstacles arise. If you’re part of a family law case or are considering starting one, discuss your situation with a family attorney at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA.

Ellicott City Family Law Attorney

The Basics of Family Law in Maryland

Understanding the basics of family law in Maryland is essential if you are involved in a case. Family law is a specific branch of the law that focuses on legal issues that arise within families and other personal relationships. All cases that fall within the scope of family law are handled by Maryland’s family court system. Family court differs from criminal court in that there are no complex trials where a prosecution is trying to prove one person did something wrong.

Instead, the family court aims to find constructive solutions that can help to keep families and their loved ones feeling safe and comfortable. The goal is to make decisions that respect both parties’ rights while ensuring that their dispute or claim is handled properly. Most areas of family law involve some sort of domestic or financial matter. When there are disputes about these issues, both parties and their legal help will have the opportunity to present evidence to a judge as to why their desired outcome is more favorable. However, a judge’s ultimate decision will be based on what they think is right for both parties.

Our Ellicott City Family Law Services

With the assistance of our adept lawyers, the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, are proud to offer a multitude of family law services. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Absolute Divorces: Divorces are the most common kind of family law case in Maryland. Divorce can easily become challenging, especially as you deal with the emotional aspects that come along with it. Whether you are the filing spouse or you were the one that was served with papers, our lawyers can help you address important matters such as property division, child custody, and spousal support.
  • Limited Divorces: Unlike an absolute divorce, a limited divorce does not dissolve a marriage. Instead, it offers both spouses the opportunity to live their lives separately while having temporary decisions made on matters like child custody and spousal support. Many couples who have stumbled upon hard times choose to legally separate when they are unsure if they want to fully end their marriage. Find out more about how limited divorces work with help from our firm.
  • Child Custody: When children are involved in a divorce or separation, the spouses must make a decision on child custody. If they are not able to amicably come to an agreement, a family court judge will have to decide what they think is right for the child. Our lawyers have represented clients in numerous child custody cases and are prepared to fight for you and your child’s interests.
  • Child Support: After a decision on child custody is made, a family court judge will then implement a child support order. This order is legally binding and requires one parent to make timely payments to help support the other parent and their child. If you’re involved in a child support dispute in Ellicott City, talk to us today.
  • Spousal Support: Spousal support is another court order that requires one spouse to make scheduled payments to the other during or after their divorce. Also called alimony, spousal support is designed to help the lower-earning spouse once a divorce is finalized and they are on their own. These cases can often result in conflict, especially when one spouse believes they shouldn’t have to pay their ex-partner.
  • Property Division: Property division is an imperative detail of any divorce. When a couple decides to dissolve their marriage, their property must be distributed according to equitable distribution laws. This means that all assets that the spouses gathered during their marriage will be divided as fairly as possible by the court. Our staff can help fight for the marital property you’re entitled to.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements, also known as premarital agreements, allow a couple to outline important pieces of personal information and property before they get married. This offers them extra protection in case they were to divorce in the future. If you’re considering creating a prenup, it’s important to do so with the help of a family lawyer.
  • Relocation: In many cases, one parent may have to move for their work or family after a divorce occurs. However, there are laws in place dictating a parent’s ability to take their child with them. Whether or not you are allowed to relocate with your child will depend on multiple aspects of your divorce order, including the child custody arrangement.
  • Protective Orders: Many people are unaware that most restraining order cases are part of family law. This is because, unfortunately, many protective orders are issued within domestic relationships. If you need help requesting a restraining order and protecting yourself and your family, do not delay in asking for assistance from our staff.
  • Order Enforcement: Once a judge has signed an order into place, the parties involved are legally required to abide by its terms. This means, for example, if a divorced couple has a child support order and the paying spouse refuses to make their payments, the receiving spouse can have their order enforced by a judge. A judge cannot only force the paying spouse to follow the terms, but they can also implement consequences such as fines.

FAQs About Ellicott City, MD Family Law

How Is Property Divided in a Maryland Divorce?

Maryland uses what are known as “equitable distribution” laws to divide property in a divorce. Equitable distribution is a method that aims to distribute property to each spouse as fairly as possible. This can result in a split of marital property that is equitable but not necessarily equal. A judge must consider a range of details when deciding how to split property in an equitable distribution case, including if children are involved, the health of each spouse, the income of each spouse, and more.

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

A family lawyer has a collection of jobs. Because we specifically focus on family law, our lawyers are able to provide guidance, representation, and support for any legal family matter in Maryland. Our goal is to help you find solutions or reach your desired outcome while combating the obstacles that may arise during your legal proceedings. Your family lawyer should work to make your case go as smoothly as it can, despite the challenges it faces.

Is Getting Divorced Expensive in Maryland?

While the exact total you spend on a divorce depends on the specific aspects of your situation, you can generally expect to invest a decent sum of money into a Maryland divorce. This is because the additional factors that are used throughout a divorce are what tend to add up. For example, court and attorney fees, in addition to new life expenses like rent for an apartment, can add up quickly. If you’re curious about how to save money in a divorce or what your options for the future may be, talk to our lawyers.

Is Alimony Always Required in Maryland?

Spousal support is not automatically given to every low-earning spouse in a divorce. Instead, if a spouse believes they need financial help, they must request it directly from their ex-spouse or the family court. Alimony is only required when a requesting spouse can demonstrate that they are in clear need of economic support. This could be because of their employment status, medical condition, to handle living expenses, and more.

Family Law Attorneys Who Are Here to Help You

Going through a family law case with no prior experience can be incredibly confusing. Here at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, we know that family law issues can bring on a wide range of emotions. That’s why our priority is to help you handle the legal aspects of your case so that you can feel a bit less burdened by your current situation. If you are searching for empathetic, effective family law assistance in Ellicott City, our firm is here for you.

Contact the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, PA, to schedule a consultation with one of our amazing team members today.


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