Thank you Todd for today, for all of it. His first real win and spark of light in more than two very dark years. I cannot express to you what today has done for him, his emotions, confidence and strength to keep going. Thank you so very much. Now, onto the most important part and reason for it all – those girls!

I just wanted to let you know that I am truly thankful for your patience and persistence in seeing this case through. I will never forget that I had people like you ,Ms. Carrie and Marc to stand in my corner when I truly needed it .

I struggle to put the words together to express my gratitude for all that you all have done for me in this matter.

Eric T. Smith

I just wanted to say thank you for being my legal representation. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You are an extraordinary lawyer. Wishing for your firm growth, inspiration, and prosperity!


I would just like to start and say Todd did a amazing for me! I was facing a DWU charge and several other traffic violations. When I had my first consultation with Todd and we discussed the bad stop, he went to work. He obtained all my medical records that showed all my handicaps that the police said was intoxication that was actually a handicap. I walk with a limp from multiple broken bones and I have severe allergies that case red itchy eyes. This was the case the police used against me, when I was limping they said I was staggering around the parking lot, when they saw my red itchy eyes they said I was under the influence. Todd proved that the police over exaggerated the stop and the DWI case was dropped. Thanks Todd for all your hard work and professionalism.

Neil Langford

Let me start by saying that Todd and his team are my guys!!! Nothing about my case is easy.. Two state agencies involved and and all mix up with different offices (child support, courts, ect.) its a mess to say the least. Todd and his team of went above and beyond for me. Any time I emailed or called I got immediate response and they were willing to talk me through all the complicated legal jargon not to mention he and his team were very pleasent to talk to. And they always kept me in the loop with the status of my case. I can’t begin to tell you how much I recommend this firm and I will continue to hire them to represent me moving forward. Thanks again guys

Christopher Ritenour

Mr Todd Mohink represented me for allegations from my ex wife and also handled my divorce proceedings as well. With this man his experience stands out above the rest he also has a great team of lawyers each specializing in a specific area. Todd and his staff will argue your case where other attorneys won’t.

Raymond Pratt

I cannot say enough great things about Todd Mohink and his team! They understood how difficult, emotional and stressful my divorce was for me, and guided me through the entire process with the utmost care, kindness and expertise and made the entire process MUCH easier than it would’ve been had I done this on my own. They are fair, honest, and treat you as a human being. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie Baker

I made an excellent decision hiring Mr. Todd Mohink for my legal representation. He is one of the most straightforward and a very responsive attorney I have ever seen. He took his time to explain every detail of my case.
Todd is a very intelligent and he has a tremendous amount of experience with the law. He is a very humble lawyer and, he is highly respected in the legal community. In court he is always on his A game.
I would highly recommend Mr. Mohink to anyone who wants representation by an honest and a straightforward attorney. Thank you so much for your honesty and hard work, Todd.

Emmanuel Nwala

I first called Todd’s office a year ago for assistance in a custody case. It was after hours on a Friday evening so I left a message with his answering service. Within 20 minutes he called me back to discuss my issue. I was not expecting that kind of service. We setup a consult and I hired him during that meeting. I have worked with him and his staff over the last year. Everyone in his office has been exceedingly helpful. We just finalized my case yesterday and I couldn’t have been happier with all that Todd did to support my case and help to get the best outcome for my son. I look forward to not having to go back to court for anything else anytime soon, but if I do, I would immediately contact Todd. Can’t thank him for all his help and support.

Lauren Priddy

Todd K. Mohink is an all around wonderful person and highly skilled attorney! He’s honest, factual and direct. Todd is all business and no fluff. All of the office staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and communicative.
This is our second time utilizing his services in a family law case. Todd had the crazy ex shut down almost immediately. We were in and out with a win in less than 30 minutes! There isn’t a more qualified attorney out there.


After reading the wonderful reviews about Todd Mohink, I contacted him on behalf of a family member. When I met Todd I found he was down to earth, caring, and thoughtful. I felt he would be the perfect person to represent my relative, and he was. We found that Todd is well known and was able to obtain the best possible out come for my family members situation. We are very impressed with Todd’s work and we will contact him again any time a lawyer is needed.

Mecca Shaw

My name is Heidi Bailey and I just wanted to express how amazing Todd Mohink and his staff have been. We have been working with them for over a year now.His honesty is what has real stood out to me the most!! I have 3 amazing grandsons and he has fought for them to be able to see their dad and the rest of their family that love them so much. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for us. He is easy to get a hold of and always returns my calls. Even when I have popped in his office he has always come and to say hi. I am forever grateful for finding this law firm. Thank you Todd again for everything. This is a cute picture of my grandsons

Heidi Bailey

To begin with, Todd accepted me as a client knowing how complicated and challenging my family law case was. He was compassionate and empathetic toward my whole situation. He made himself available at anytime through phone and e-mail. The case carried on over a year due to the pandemic: Todd and all his staff made sure to explain everything and make sure I was able to receive all materials via email. It can’t be overstated how immensely grateful I am to Todd and his dedicated staff for all of their top-level expertise in all matters related to family law.

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