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Drug Possession

Maryland Man Arrested for Heroin/Fentanyl Possession

Many people don’t take drug possession seriously. They seem to think it’s OK to have small amounts of drugs on them. However,…

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Former NFL Player From Maryland Charged With Drug Possession

Drugs have become a part of society, even though people know that using them, selling them or having them in their possession…

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Maryland Prison Populations Drop, Report Says

Being accused of a crime is a truly life-changing event. Many movies, TV shows, and even comedy routines make light of incarceration,…

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Getting Arrested for Prescription Drugs in Maryland

According to the Huffington Post, roughly 7 out of every 10 Americans take some form of prescription medication on a regular basis.…

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Drug Crimes in Maryland

The opioid epidemic is getting an outsized amount of national media attention. Politicians highlight the damage it has caused families and communities.…

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Maryland Drug Trafficking

There is no document and set of principles more essential for protecting the rights of clients than the U.S. Constitution. One area…

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New Maryland law aims to decriminalize marijuana

Up until recently, people convicted for possession of marijuana in Maryland could face strict penalties, including imprisonment of up to one year…

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Maryland bill proposes expunging marijuana criminal records

Bill would apply to people convicted of possession prior to decriminalization In October of last year Maryland decriminalized minor marijuana possession, meaning…

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What is intent to distribute?

Maryland residents should learn what circumstances may put them at risk for being accused of intending to distribute a controlled substance versus…

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Finding the balance between help and punishment in drug cases

Drug possession charges are something that must be handled very seriously. There are some cases in which the person who is facing…

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Drug rehabilitation might help a person facing possession charges

Recently, we discussed recidivism and how this is an important consideration in the criminal justice system. There is one area in which…

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Will Maryland be the next state to legalize recreation marijuana?

Legislation is inching its way forward through the Maryland General Assembly that could make Maryland the next state to allow recreational use…

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Maryland joins states aiming to limit or end the cash bail system

Does the cash bail system punish the poor, particularly those accused of minor drug crimes and similar offenses, instead of guaranteeing them…

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Odor of marijuana still justifies warrantless vehicle search

Users of marijuana in Maryland be warned: Although the state has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of the drug, the odor…

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Do you know your rights when arrested on pot charges?

If the police are arresting you in a marijuana bust, there are some important things to realize regarding your rights. Our Constution,…

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Littering out car window leads to 5 arrests

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can lead to an arrest. For five individuals in Brooklyn Park, Maryland, trash thrown out a…

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Heroin laws in Maryland provide harsh penalties

Heroin addiction is a serious problem in this country. In fact, the problem has become so widespread that the term “heroin epidemic”…

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Know the cocaine laws in Maryland

All illegal drugs can lead to serious penalties in Maryland. Cocaine isn’t an exception to that. In fact, cocaine charges come with…

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Mass criminalization doesn’t solve any problems

There are some people who think that anyone who is found in possession of drugs should be sent to prison without a…

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All drug charges require investigation as part of the defense

As an adult, you probably think that you should be able to do what you want to do as long as you…

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