Drug Crimes in Maryland

The opioid epidemic is getting an outsized amount of national media attention. Politicians highlight the damage it has caused families and communities. Some discuss the wanton peddling of habit-forming drugs from large pharmaceutical companies. Police chiefs talk about the need to get these drugs off of the street. They target doctors who over-subscribe and dealers who organize the illegal drug trade. These are all positive developments. Keeping dangerous drugs away from families and communities is important. It’s an issue that haunts each corner of society. But, at times, the zeal to lock up those harming society can adversely affect those who are not. If you are facing criminal charges related to drugs, and you believe you were wrongly targeted, you should first learn about your rights and then contact an experienced lawyer to advocate on your behalf.

Opioid Crimes

In 2015, there were more than 33,000 overdose deaths that involved the use of an opioid. That rivals the more than 38,000 who died in car accidents in the same year. Clearly, opioid addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed by our lawmakers and law enforcement officials. But, while it’s important to prosecute those actors who peddle drugs and contaminate communities, we also must remember that some people use these drugs in good faith to treat legitimate pain. One way in which these good actors may face wrongful prosecutions is through the charge of “doctor shopping.” This charge involves an individual seeking out more than one doctor in order to maximize the number of drugs they’re prescribed. However well-intentioned it might be, there is certainly some gray area involved. If you feel that you’ve been unfairly targeted for simply exercising your marketplace rights, then contacting a skilled legal team might be the right decision.

Marijuana Crimes

With more states legalizing recreational marijuana, it can be hard to keep up with what exactly is legal and illegal when it comes to this drug. Add to this dynamic landscape the fact that federal law still considers cannabis to be a controlled substance, and you have a complex situation. If you’ve been arrested for growing or distributing marijuana, then you may find that contacting an experienced attorney is the best decision for your situation.

Other Drug Crimes

In addition to opioid and marijuana defense cases, our legal team provides defense for the following drug-related cases:

  • Cocaine
  • Drug trafficking of any kind
  • Weapons charges related to drug use or trafficking
Contact Drug Defense Lawyers in Glen Burnie and Columbia

If you’ve been arrested for drug crimes, the repercussions could be dramatic. Felony charges could mean years in prison. Life after your sentence could be fraught with obstacles you’ve never considered. The best course moving forward in this situation is to contact an aggressive, knowledgeable legal team that can fight tirelessly on your behalf. For those in the Glen Burnie and Columbia area of Maryland, there is no better choice than the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink PA. Call today to learn more and to speak with someone from our legal team.

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