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Understanding the Maryland Romeo and Juliet Law

So-called "Romeo and Juliet" laws exist in many parts of the United States to protect sexually active young people from undue criminal…

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10 Reasons to Hire a Columbia MD Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

It is important to know and exercise your rights as an American. One of your inalienable rights is equal and fair access…

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Maryland Woman Convicted Of Fraud For The Second Time

Many people learn from their crimes. They do something once and never do it again. However, a Maryland woman was recently convicted…

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Understanding Drug Diversion

Prescription drug abuse is a huge issue in our society. There were 67,367 drug overdose deaths in the United States in 2018,…

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Child Abuse Reports Down Amid COVID-19 Shutdown

The coronavirus has brought about many negative effects. People are getting sick and dying. Many are losing jobs. Children are having to…

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Speeding, Traffic Stops on the Rise With Less Crowded Freeways

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a lot of negative issues, such as sickness, death, lost jobs, distance learning, empty shelves at…

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Man Arrested for Coughing in Police Officer’s Face

People may cough or sneeze on someone as a prank, but such an act isn’t funny, especially right now. Some people have…

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Coast Guard Lieutenant Faces Weapons, Drug Charges

Weapons and drugs are two things that can be deadly. They are threats to society and as a result, those who are…

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Maryland Wrestling Coach Arrested on Child Porn Charges

Teachers, coaches and others who work with children are often held to higher standards than other people and professions. It can be…

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Drug Crackdown in Baltimore Nets $1 Million Cash, 51 Guns

Drug trafficking often leads to violent crime. It can cause crimes such as robberies, murders and assault. Because of this, law enforcement…

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Immigrant Criminal Defense

When an undocumented immigrant is arrested, it generally means double punishment. First, the person will likely be charged and presented with the…

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What is Fruit of the Poisonous Tree?

A term stolen right out of Genesis, the Poisonous Tree doctrine is a legal theory created by the U.S. Supreme Court in…

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Can the Police Search My Home Without My Consent?

For everyone ever arrested and charged with a crime based on evidence discovered in a home raid, this question will ring true.…

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75 Percent of Those With Drug and Alcohol Dependency Problems Have Committed Violence, Report Says

According to the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, over 75% of individuals who enter drug treatment facilities report performing some sort of…

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Do Polygraph Exams Actually Work?

This common question has been around as long as the lie detector itself. After all, there is a certain mystique about any…

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4 Ways to Beat a Traffic Ticket in Maryland

Think you have to pay that traffic ticket? Think again. There are a number of situations where you may be better off…

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3 Things You Should Do if Pulled Over by the Police

Face it, everyone gets pulled over by the cops at some point in their life. It’s just part of life. Maybe you…

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Race Relations and Police Confrontations in Baltimore

Over the past few years, race relations have reached a tipping point in some regions of the country. Baltimore remains one of…

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How to Respond to a Protective Order

So, you’ve been served with a protective order in Anne Arundel, Howard, or Baltimore County, and you are worried about what to…

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5 Misdemeanors That Will End Your Military or Emergency Services Career

We tend to think of our firefighters, police, paramedics, and military service members as heroes – and rightfully so. They truly put…

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