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2024 How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Maryland?

A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge in Maryland is a serious offense that often has long-lasting effects. One of the most…

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Woman Faces Multiple Charges In DUI Death Of Infant Son

When a mother kills their child—even accidentally—law enforcement takes it seriously. This is especially true in a situation that could have been…

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Maryland Pizza Shop Owner Sentenced To 20 Years For Fatal DUI Crash

The law does not take kindly to those who have a lengthy criminal record. Getting one DUI is bad enough, but when…

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Maryland Man Saved From Burning Car Charged With DUI

A man’s life was saved after he crashed his vehicle, which caught fire. The man was stuck inside the burning car and…

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Pursuit Leads To DUI Arrest Of Maryland Woman

Police chases can be exciting to watch but they often end badly. While a recent pursuit did not lead to an accident,…

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News Anchor Arrested For DUI In Maryland

Unfortunately, motorists seem to drink and drive on a daily basis. Because this practice is so common, it’s almost like nobody bats…

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Maryland Man Faces DUI Charges In Fatal Accident

Have you ever seen a crash between a car and a horse-drawn buggy? Such an incident recently happened in Maryland and it…

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Why You Should Avoid Drinking And Driving

Drinking and driving is quite common, even though it’s illegal and dangerous. While DUI offenses are typically misdemeanors, they can result in…

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Maryland Man Faces DUI, Assault Charges

Alcohol can cause a person to do crazy and even illegal things. For example, it can lead to a DUI arrest, car…

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Maryland Man Receives 5th DUI Charge

While motorists know that they should never drink and drive, many still do. They do it one time and learn their lesson…

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Maryland Man Arrested for DUI Twice in 8 Years

Drinking and driving is something that happens all the time, even though people know it is illegal. Even with rideshares such as…

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Maryland Man Arrested for DUI in ATV Crash

Most DUI charges occur when someone is driving a passenger vehicle or motorcycle while intoxicated. A DUI can also occur when a…

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Can I Refuse a Field Sobriety Test?

You’ve had a couple drinks at a bar, but you feel fine. You decide to drive home when you are stopped by…

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What is Aggravated DUI in Maryland?

DUIs are common in Maryland and other states. Driving while intoxicated can lead to serious injuries and even death. Impaired driving caused…

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Should I Plead Guilty to a First DUI?

A lot of people who are arrested on a first offense DUI in Maryland think that because it’s their first run in with the…

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How Long Will it Be Until My DWI/DUI Trial?

For people who have been arrested for DUI in Maryland, it often means being thrust into a whole new world of terminology and expectations.…

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