Maryland Man Faces DUI, Assault Charges

Alcohol can cause a person to do crazy and even illegal things. For example, it can lead to a DUI arrest, car accidents, assaults, and other crimes.

A 37-year-old man from Chesapeake Beach is facing multiple criminal charges after hitting a pedestrian and fleeing the accident scene. The incident occurred on the evening of June 16 on Crain Highway in Waldorf.

The man was driving a vehicle when he ran into a person in Prince George’s County and fled the scene. The victim followed the vehicle to a shopping center in nearby Charles County. Officer found the driver, who appeared to be intoxicated. It was discovered that the man’s driver’s license was suspended.

The man was arrested. As he got into the police car, he spit on a police officer. The man is currently held without bond at Charles County Detention Center. He is facing charges of DWI, second-degree assault, and resisting arrest.

Is Spitting on Someone a Crime?

While spitting in the face of someone can be seen as an act of contempt, it can also be considered an illegal action. That’s because spit contains bodily fluids that can carry disease, such as COVID, HIV, and other viruses.

In fact, Maryland law considers it assault. Under state law, offensive touching of another person without their consent can be charged as second-degree assault. The offensive touching can be made by an object, and the person who causes the object to move can be charged with a crime. For example, throwing a ball at someone or hitting someone with a car may be considered assault. So can spitting on someone, even though such an act does not necessarily cause injury to a person. However, it can make someone sick, especially if they have a compromised immune system.

Assault Charges in Maryland

Maryland classifies assaults as first-degree or second-degree. Second-degree assaults are misdemeanors. The maximum penalty is a $2,500 fine and 10 years in prison, although hardly any assaults are punished this harshly, especially a first-time offense.

A first-degree assault is much more serious. It’s a felony crime that could mean up to 25 years in prison. The main difference between first-degree and second-degree assault is that first-degree assault often involves weapons. While guns and knives are the most common weapons, baseball bats, pipes, rocks, and vehicles can also be considered weapons, since they can cause serious injury.

Also, the degree of injury is different. A bruise or laceration is minor, but a broken bone, brain injury, or stab wound is much more severe, elevating a charge to a felony.

Contact a Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney Today

Hit and run, DUI, and assault are all serious criminal charges that can result in fines, prison time, and other penalties. Make sure you get strong, aggressive defense.

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