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Prescription Drug Violations

prescription drug violations

The abuse of prescription drugs is a hot topic right now. Politicians and police departments across the country are making this a…

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Understand the basics of ‘doctor shopping’

“Doctor shopping” doesn’t mean trying to find a new doctor who will take your insurance. It’s a term used to describe a…

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Maryland’s response to opioid epidemic is a national example

Nationally, you can’t pick up a newspaper or look at a Facebook feed without seeing something relating to the opioid epidemic that’s…

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Prescription drug crimes have differing degrees

Prescription drug crimes are serious crimes that can lead to time in prison and a felony conviction. For some people, the pull…

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2 important things you need to understand about pain medication

If you’ve suffered from a chronic pain disorder for a long time, the odds are good that you have a few extra…

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How serious are prescription drug charges in Maryland?

As with most drug crimes, the consequences associated with prescription drug violations can be quite severe in the state of Maryland. In…

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Underlying issues are often found in prescription drug cases

Prescription drug violations are often difficult to defend against. While there are some of these violations that are defiant criminal acts that…

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Prescription drug abuse might lead to criminal charges

Prescription drug violations are very serious criminal charges that often require a multi-faceted approach. If you are facing these types of charges,…

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What are some ways that drugs are classified?

Drugs are classified in different ways that are dependent upon the situation. If you are dealing with criminal charges, drugs are usually…

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Doctor shopping for drugs is common

Unless you have gone through surgery, you may not understand what happens afterward. You may not realize just how much pain this…

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Cases involving prescription drugs require firm representation

In a recnt blog post, we discussed how drug addiction can lead to criminal prescription drug charges. Sadly, being put through the…

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Prescription drug abuse can lead to criminal charges

Prescription drug violations are often the result of someone who has a drug addiction trying to keep up with his or her…

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School and work pressure results in stimulant abuse by students

A survey from last year sponsored by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids found that almost one out of every five college students…

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Prescription drug violation charges require tough representation

When you aren’t feeling well, you might decide that you need medication to help you feel better. In some cases, over-the-counter medication…

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Controlled substances can lead to drug charges

The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 set the precedent for the legal definition of a controlled substance. The substances that are included…

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Prescription drug conviction have many penalties and consequences

When people get sick or hurt, they often turn to prescription drugs to help them get better. Doing this is a great…

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Why is FedEx facing federal drug charges?

Given the rate at which Internet shopping has exploded in popularity over the last decade, it’s safe to say that one of…

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Serious penalties for criminal possession of prescription drugs

State and federal agencies have been cracking down on investigating drug crimes for decades. The so-called war on drugs has resulted in…

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It’s important to act decisively when facing prescription drug charges

By now, most people are aware that prescription drug abuse has become a major health concern both here in Maryland and across…

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Maryland dentist faces up to 20 years after plea deal

A man whose dental license was suspended last year has reportedly agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors involving federal charges related…

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