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Cases involving prescription drugs require firm representation

In a recnt blog post, we discussed how drug addiction can lead to criminal prescription drug charges. Sadly, being put through the criminal justice system often does very little for people who are addicted to prescription drugs. We know that many people who are facing criminal charges for prescription drugs don’t need anything but help to overcome the addiction.

When you are facing criminal charges for prescription drugs, you should make sure that you understand your rights. You need to make sure that you know your options for dealing with the charges. We can help you understand all of your rights and help to make sure they are protected. We can also help you understand the options that you have to present your defense.

One issue that can often lead to criminal charges is doctor shopping. Doctor shopping occurs when a patient visits multiple doctors without letting each doctor know about the medications and treatment plans of the other doctors. In the case of doctor shopping, the visits to multiple doctors are usually done in an effort to get multiple prescriptions for the drugs they are addicted to.

It is vital that anyone who is addicted to prescription drugs get help with their addiction. While we can’t promise that it will be possible to get help in lieu of facing criminal charges, we can promise to help you show your side of the story and build a defense that shows just that. You don’t have to try to defend yourself against the charges placed against you because of your addiction.

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