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How To Get A Child Support Modification In Maryland

Many people lost their jobs or saw a reduction in earnings in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic swept America and the rest…

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Behind on Child Support? Don’t Expect a Stimulus Check

While most Americans have received their stimulus check by now, many are still eagerly anticipating this extra money to pay for bills,…

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When and When Not to Go to Court to Enforce a Custody or Support Order

If an ex is not paying the support they are supposed to pay or they are ignoring court-ordered obligations, it can be…

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Can I Get My Ex to Pay More Child Support?

If you live in Anne Arundel County, Maryland or the surrounding neighborhoods, and you are trying to get by as a single…

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How to Lower Your Child Support Legally

Many parents with child support obligations lament the heavy price they pay each month, while still struggling to make ends meet. No…

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When Is it Possible to Seek Modification of Child Support?

One thing is certain: life changes. If you’ve been through a divorce or child custody battle at some point, then at some…

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5 Tips to Get Kids Ready for School After a Summer Divorce

Many people choose to plan their divorces for summer, because the kids are out of school. There can be a lot of…

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Who Pays for a Child’s College Expenses In a Divorce?

There is no law that requires parents to send their kids to college. Despite news reports about children actually suing their parents…

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Help, I Can’t Afford Child Support Payments

In Maryland, a court can order spouses to pay child support and alimony, and it can order a party to divide personal…

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When Can I Get My Child Support Payments Changed?

Child support is ordered by a court in order to provide for the comfort, care, and financial support of minor children. It…

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Finding answers to questions about child support payments

Child support orders are something that goes along with child custody orders. If you have a child who doesn’t live with you,…

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What should I know about child support in Maryland?

Paying child support is something that parents must take very seriously. Maryland laws have set up a system to help ensure that…

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Bankruptcy doesn’t erase past-due child support

Child support payments are crucial to the parents who count on them to pay for the things their child needs. It is…

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Think carefully about child support obligations

We recently discussed some tips for handling a child support modification case. If you recall, we discussed how it is important to…

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3 tips for seeking a child support modification

Child support modification is something that you might have to consider if you aren’t able to keep up with your payments. If…

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Tips for handling a child support modification case

Child support modification cases are sometimes difficult to handle. Knowing ahead of time what you will need to gather and having some…

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Child custody and support have to be carefully considered

In some of our recent blogs, we discussed child custody and child support matters. These are very serious issues for parents because…

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Child support obligations can’t be wiped out in bankruptcy

For a parent who is receiving child support, the surety of the payments coming can make or break the home. These parents…

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Child support modifications may help you avoid legal issues

In one of our recent posts, we discussed how courts don’t usually monitor how child support is spent. We also discussed some…

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Child support uses aren’t usually monitored

Parents who have to pay child support might wonder exactly what they are paying for. If you are paying these payments, you…

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