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Be on guard for child support enforcement scams in Maryland

Many Maryland parents who struggle to meet the financial needs of their children may be desperate to get some assistance with enforcing…

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Noted columnist critiques child support system as unfair to dads

A noted political commentator, conservative Phyllis Schlafly, has joined the President in his Father’s Day call for a re-vamping of this country’s…

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Former champion boxer may lose license over child support

Marylanders may remember world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield’s feats in the ring. While he no doubt made plenty of money for…

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Maryland parents can get support for disabled adult children

Maryland child support laws fortunately give parents of disabled children the ability to continue to seek child support even after those children…

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Man to slowly pay back child support for child that is not his

A judge in a state that borders Maryland has ordered a man to pay a back child support bill even though the…

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Maryland child support payments will go paperless

Readers of this blog who receive or are eligible to receive child support will be interested to hear that Maryland’s Child Support…

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Child support on man’s Christmas list

A man has sparked laughter and the supportive honks of a few car horns with his hand-painted sign that he put out…

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Some Maryland fathers face overwhelming support debt

The private company in charge of child support enforcement in Baltimore has a zero tolerance policy on those fathers who fall behind…

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New Maryland law: Some prisoners do not need to pay child support

A state law that went in to effect October 1st provides that prisoners with Maryland child support orders will not have to…

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Maryland state agency steps up support collection

After losing some of its funding following a state audit, Maryland’s Department of Human Resources has stepped up its child support enforcement…

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