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Former champion boxer may lose license over child support

Marylanders may remember world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield’s feats in the ring. While he no doubt made plenty of money for each of his wins, he unfortunately could be facing a drivers’ license suspension in connection with a state’s child support enforcement efforts.

Howard County child support lawyers are well aware that a license suspension is one of the possible consequences a person who gets behind in his child support might face. While this penalty may serve to get a person’s attention by taking away his ability to drive recreationally, the downside of suspending a person’s license is that he can no longer drive his vehicle to and from work. Without work, a person is obviously less likely to pay support.

In Holyfield’s case, it is not clear how the boxer managed to get himself into the financial pinch out of which he is apparently trying to dig. According to reports, Holyfield originally owed $500,000 in back child support. While he initially made some progress on this debt via a court-approved payment plan, his payments eventually trailed off. To date, he still owes over $325,000 toward the support of his daughter.

The court overseeing the Holyfield matter will hold a review hearing later this summer. In the meantime, the court has authorized the state agency in charge of collecting child support to pursue a suspension of Holyfield’s driving privileges.

While certainly there are parents out there who simply refuse to pay child support, Holyfield’s case illustrates that even people who at one time made very good incomes can find themselves without the means to pay child support, despite their own best efforts. In these cases, it may make sense for that person to seek a modification of the court’s child support order or, at least, try to work out a reasonable repayment plan under which all parties can succeed.

Source: TMZ, “Evander Holyfield Losing Right to Drive … Over Child Support Debt!,” May 25, 2013

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