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Domestic Violence

The Difference Between Assault vs. Domestic Violence in Maryland

Assault and domestic violence are two separate legal concepts that are often associated with each other. While each term has a distinct…

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Domestic Violence Cases Down During COVID-19

Like most states, Maryland is under a shelter in place order. Residents are forced to stay at home until further notice. While…

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Common Misconceptions About Domestic Violence

When you’ve been charged with domestic abuse, it can be terrifying and infuriating. Just being accused of a crime is bad enough,…

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Understanding What Constitutes Stalking in Maryland

Many Maryland residents are charged with stalking each year, and sadly some of them are not actually guilty of the crime. While…

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Fighting a Protective Order

Under Section 4-504 of the Maryland Family Code, a person can bring a protective order against anyone who presents a threat of…

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Making Sense of Amber’s Law: Maryland’s New Approach to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not always as straightforward as it appears in movies. Not all offenses involve a brutal assault. In Maryland, a…

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Peace Orders – Protecting Yourself from Abuse Outside the Home

If you have been a victim of abuse, you should seek protection from your abuser. There are two types of protective orders…

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What should I consider when leaving an abusive marriage?

Nobody deserves to live in a home where he or she is being subjected to abuse. If you are currently in an…

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Domestic violence charges depend on various points

Domestic violence charges are serious charges that you must take a firm stance against if you find that you have been accused…

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Victim statements are only one part of domestic violence charges

Domestic violence is a problem for many people. The sad reality is that domestic violence can turn fatal. The courts can prosecute…

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Is psychological abuse domestic violence?

When fists start flying or someone gets shoved into a wall, those are usually clear signs that a relationship is abusive. However,…

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Learn how to put a stop to an abusive relationship

The subject of domestic violence is one that is very intimate. Many men and women are stuck in these relationships without any…

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Make sure you have a safety plan when leaving an abusive home

In one of our blog posts last week, we discussed the fact that not all cases of domestic violence have female victims.…

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Women aren’t always the victims of domestic violence

Domestic violence crimes are some of the most difficult crimes to have to deal with because they involve a person who you…

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Seek protection when leaving an abusive relationship

Domestic violence is a horrible thing to have to deal with. As we discussed in a previous blog post, the instances of…

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Beware of domestic violence over the holidays

Domestic violence is an issue all year long. The stress of the holidays can sometimes make the issue of domestic violence even…

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Is all domestic abuse physical?

Domestic violence is most often thought of as physical abuse, but that is far from the only type of abuse that a…

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You can get a protective order when courts are closed

In our previous blog post, we discussed how some people might need a protective order when they leave an abusive relationship. It…

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Basic facts about protective orders in Maryland

Taking the step to walk away from an abusive relationship is difficult. If you are in fear of what your abuser might…

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What domestic violence protections are available in Maryland?

Awareness about domestic violence is more widespread than ever. Hearing victims’ tragic stories about family violence has an effect on everyone and…

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