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What domestic violence protections are available in Maryland?

Awareness about domestic violence is more widespread than ever. Hearing victims’ tragic stories about family violence has an effect on everyone and lawmakers in Maryland are no exception. Law enforcement personnel and government figures take domestic violence very seriously, offering victims a number of ways to acquire protection.

If you believe you are in danger, you should act quickly to protect yourself. Maryland offers victims protective orders developed to remove yourself and your family members from danger as quickly as possible. Protective orders can indeed keep you away from harm, but only if you take the necessary steps as soon as possible. For many traumatized victims, working with an attorney can expedite a protective order and provide relief from the burden of initiating the process.

A protective order addresses many of the unwanted behaviors in which a person once close to you might engage. For example, the order can prevent a specific person from contacting you. It can also prevent the person from showing up at your home, your place of work or at school.

To improve the protections an order can provide, the law imposes several penalties if a protective order is violated. These penalties include: expensive fines, contempt charges, criminal charges and time in jail.

If you are in immediate danger of domestic violence, Maryland also offers emergency protective orders. With this order, you can be removed from harm more quickly, giving you immediate relief while you seek more permanent protection.

Your safety and the safety of your family is too important to ignore. Consider seeking help from a legal professional or from the State of Maryland if you need immediate protection from domestic violence.

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