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Sex Crimes

Woman Assaulted Near University Of Maryland

Sexual assaults are often reported on or near college campuses. This is often due to alcohol and drug use, but it can…

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Maryland Chiropractor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Texas Child

Many people play online video games to pass the time and meet friends. However, children need to be aware of the dangers…

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Maryland Man Wanted For Rape Of Family Members

Murders and rapes are considered by law enforcement to be some of the most heinous crimes. When people commit these crimes, police…

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Corrections Officer Arrested After Raping Inmate

Being incarcerated can be a scary situation. Making the situation worse is getting raped by a corrections officer. This is what happened…

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Sexual Harassment By Doctors

When you think of the #MeToo movement, you may think of women and celebrities being sexually harassed by co-workers, movie directors, and…

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Man Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Attempted Rape

People should not be forced to have sex against their will. When a person tries to get someone to engage in sexual…

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Maryland Man Arrested For Sexual Assault

Some people prey on others by trying to befriend them. They may look for common interests and use them to get close…

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Maryland Police Officer Sentenced To Home Detention For Rape

In some cases, a rape conviction under Maryland law can mean life in prison. In other cases, a person may do no…

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Wrestling Coach Wanted For Sexual Assault

Kids tend to trust teachers and coaches, as they are adults put in leadership positions. However, these adults sometimes use their position…

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Maryland Woman Accused Of Raping Teen Boy

When you think of rape, you probably think of a female victim and male offender. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s…

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Maryland Pastor Facing Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual assault is a crime that is becoming more common. The perpetrators of these crimes are sometimes people you would least suspect,…

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Fredrick County Man Arrested For Rape

Rape and other sex-related crimes are punished harshly. They are considered one of the most serious crimes in Maryland and can lead…

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Police Looking For Rape Suspect In Glen Burnie

Sex is something that requires the consent of all parties involved. However, that does not always happen. Sometimes one party will force…

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Maryland Teen Charged With Neighbor’s Rape

In rape cases, the suspect is usually an adult. However, in a recent case in Maryland, the suspect was a 15-year-old boy.…

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Maryland Driving Instructor Charged With Assault

Assault is a crime that is general in nature and can happen anywhere — in a bar, in a dark alley, at…

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Massage Therapist Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Massage therapists have a tough job. Giving a massage can be seen as a sensual act, but an ethical therapist must show…

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Hospital Worker Charged with Sexual Assault of Patient

We often go to the hospital when we are very sick or injured. We expect that the nurses, doctors and other staff…

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Maryland Teacher Charged With Sex Crimes

Victims of sex crimes are often embarrassed or ashamed of what happened to them, even though it wasn’t their fault. When they…

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Maryland Man Arrested for Molestation, Attempted Rape

Sex crimes are taken seriously by law enforcement officials in Maryland and other states. This is especially true for those who engage…

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Substitute Teacher at Maryland School Faces Abuse Charges

Things may be going well at your child’s school until the regular teacher has to miss class one day. Your child has…

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