Maryland Man Arrested For Sexual Assault

Some people prey on others by trying to befriend them. They may look for common interests and use them to get close to the person. Then they may use this newfound friendship to commit crimes on the person, such as sexual assault.

This is what a Maryland man did. The group leader of a local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter used his position to prey on a woman. While only one woman has come forward so far, police believe there may be other victims.

Montgomery County police received a report on December 27. The report stated that a sexual assault had occurred three days earlier. The victim, an unidentified woman, had joined a local Alcoholics Anonymous chapter 10 weeks before the incident.

Police first arrived at a hospital, where they received a report of an assault. They learned that the leader of the chapter had befriended the woman. She was then invited to the man’s home, located on Landgreen Street in Aspen Hill, so he could help her with her treatment. The victim told police that the man sexually assaulted her while she was at his home. The man was subsequently arrested.

How Does Sexual Assault Occur?

Sexual assault occurs when a person touches another person in a sexual manner, without their consent. The person may also force the victim to perform sex acts.

When sexual assault occurs, victims may blame themselves. They often think they are the ones at fault. However, this is not true. The perpetrators are the ones to blame.

Those who instigate sexual violence often have a sense of entitlement. They are often in leadership roles, so they will use this power to touch or rape others. They treat their victims with no respect.

Gender-based stereotypes may promote sexual violence, For example, in our society, men are often seen as aggressive, while women are more passive. Therefore, when a man pressures a woman for sex, it may be seen as acceptable. Alcohol and drugs may also contribute to sexual assault.

We also live in a culture of victim blaming. Many times, we will blame the victim, not the perpetrator. People may assume that the victim was “asking for it” or engaged in some type of behavior that made the perpetrator act like they did. For example, the victim may have dressed in a sexually suggestive manner or flirted with the perpetrator. victim blaming allows sexual violence to continue to happen, since it is not punished appropriately.

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Sex crimes are taken seriously in Maryland. They are often felonies, which means a person convicted of such a crime can spend many years in prison.

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