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2024 How Long Does a Divorce Take in Maryland?

How long does a divorce take in Maryland? This may be an important question you are deliberating if you are a Maryland…

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Average Car Accident Settlement in Maryland [2024 Updated]

Rarely does anyone anticipate a car accident happening, but however unexpected they may be, having an understanding of the average car accident…

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Maryland Divorce Rate 2024 – Divorce Statistics

Depending on who you ask, you might hear a litany of theories on how many married couples seek a divorce. Some may…

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2024 How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost in Maryland?

Divorce takes a heavy toll on all parties involved. In addition to the mental and emotional tolls divorce proceedings can incur, there…

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2024 What Is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce in Maryland?

No one wants to imagine their marriage ending in divorce, but people and circumstances can change, and it’s sometimes in everybody’s interest…

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How Much Does a Divorce Lawyer Cost in Columbia? 2024

It’s a tough decision to get a divorce, and the process is full of emotional struggles. How you and your spouse separate…

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Inflation And Its Effect On Your Divorce

One of the biggest news stories right now is inflation. You can’t go anywhere without noticing higher prices, from the grocery store…

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What Can Cause A Marriage To Reach Its Breaking Point?

In an ideal world, married couples would be happy with each other and able to navigate life with ease. However, this is…

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How To Predict Divorce Before Marriage

Marriages are supposed to last forever. That’s what the vows say, anyway. They aren’t supposed to end in divorce. But roughly half…

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Should You Still Refinance Your Home In A Divorce?

You and your spouse are divorcing. You have kids and really want to keep your marital home. But the problem is that…

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Why Are More Couples Divorcing Nowadays?

Divorce was rare 80 years ago. Only 2% of women were divorced. Nowadays, that number has risen to 15%. That’s because women…

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Rise In Alimony For Men

When you think of alimony, you may think of men paying women. That has changed in the past decade, though. More and…

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Tips For Divorcing A Narcissist

Getting divorced is never easy, and this is especially true if you’re divorcing a narcissist. A narcissist is someone who has an…

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Why Is Fighting Common In Some Long-Term Marriages?

No matter how long you have been in a relationship, arguments and disagreements are bound to occur. It’s just part of life.…

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Tips For Teens Dealing With Divorce

When a marriage ends in divorce, it’s hard enough for the spouses to cope. If there are children involved, they have to…

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How To Make Your Divorce Cheaper

Many people want to get a divorce, but there’s one thing holding them back: money. Divorces are not cheap. There are lawyers…

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What To Know About Post-Divorce Depression

Depression is something that can come about at any time. It can affect people of all walks of life and come about…

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Can May-December Marriages Last?

They say that age is nothing but a number, but is that true for marriage? Some people seem to think so but…

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How Stonewalling Can Harm Your Marriage

Marriages can be hard, especially when one person has a problem and the other person doesn’t want to deal with it. People…

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Passive-Aggressive Behavior In A Marriage

In order for a marriage to work, the parties involved need to know how to communicate. The best way to communicate is…

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