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How To Make Your Divorce Cheaper


Many people want to get a divorce, but there’s one thing holding them back: money. Divorces are not cheap. There are lawyers involved and in some cases, you may need to pay for accountants, investigators, and courts as well. In fact, the average divorce can run $15,000 or more.

This can cause many people to delay divorce or take it off the table altogether. The good news is that while you may still need a lawyer for a divorce, there are ways to bring down the cost. Here are some ways to make your divorce cheaper.

Be Civil

While you may be angry at your spouse, especially if the divorce wasn’t your idea, being combative is not the answer. In fact, starting conflict makes matters worse. It not only delays the process and keeps the divorce from proceeding, but it also racks up the cost. Be cordial and cooperative. It’ll speed up the process and make the process less expensive.

See What Your State Offers

Each state offers free or low-cost options for divorce. In Maryland, you can typically get free divorce packets at your county courthouse. Court clerks may be able to help to some degree, but they cannot give legal advice. There are also walk-in centers that can help you fill out the necessary forms. You may even be able to find online resources that can help.

Get a Document Preparer

If you can’t afford a lawyer, then get the next best thing: a certified legal document preparer, or  paralegal. Document preparers complete legal documents for people who cannot afford a lawyer. It can be hard to find one, though, since they were more popular decades ago. If you opt for a paralegal, be aware that they can’t give you legal advice. However, they can refer you to the relevant statute so you can decide how to proceed.

Consider an Online Divorce

You may have seen those online ads for a DIY divorce for just a couple hundred dollars. Is this too good to be true? Well, you do need to meet certain requirements. First of all, you need to know where to locate your spouse and they must agree to the divorce. There cannot be any conflicts whatsoever and in some cases, having minor children will disqualify you as well. Divorces involving substance abuse or domestic violence also do not qualify. So an online divorce is designed for simple cases in which all elements of the divorce have already been agreed upon.

Contact a Maryland Family Law Attorney Today

The average divorce can cost tens of thousands of dollars. You can cut back on this expense by checking out to see what resources the state of Maryland has as well as being civil with your spouse.

A Columbia divorce lawyer from The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can give you the right advice for your situation. Schedule a consultation by filling out the online form or calling (410) 774-5987.



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