Woman Assaulted Near University Of Maryland

Sexual assaults are often reported on or near college campuses. This is often due to alcohol and drug use, but it can occur even when a person is sober. Sometimes sexual assault involves full-on sexual intercourse, but even inappropriate touching without penetration can be classified as assault.

A woman was recently assaulted near the University of Maryland campus in College Park, in Prince George’s County. The incident happened in the early morning hours of October 29 near Baltimore Avenue and Knox Road.

The woman was walking in the area when she was approached by an unfamiliar man. The man started talking to her, but she told him to leave her alone. He started walking away, but then he suddenly walked back to her and inappropriately touched her and left the scene. There are no details released about what the man did, but the Prince George’s County Police Department classified it as fourth-degree sexual assault.

The woman was able to provide police with a description of the suspect. The man is described as being in his 40s, with a height between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet. The man had a medium build and weighed between 165 and 180 pounds. He had a black beard and was wearing blue jeans with a black jacket. The man has not been found and arrested yet.

Because the sexual assault happened near the University of Maryland campus, the campus police department has issued a safety notice to students. If students feel unsafe walking around campus, the university provides a walking service. An escort can walk you to your car or other destination.

Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Sexual assault tends to happen more often on college campuses due to alcohol and drug use. There are many parties held on campus and these events are often where young adults try alcohol or drugs for the first time. They may consume too much and become unaware of their surroundings. Plus, there is a lot of peer pressure. These students are out on their own for the first time and may feel coerced into going to parties, drinking, and doing drugs.

While anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, women face the highest risk, especially in their first year on campus. Women who identify as lesbian or bisexual are even more likely to experience sexual assault on college campuses when compared to heterosexual women.

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Sexual assault is a serious crime that can affect a person’s criminal record for life. Some people are wrongfully accused and have to fight hard to defend themselves.

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