Massage Therapist Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Massage therapists have a tough job. Giving a massage can be seen as a sensual act, but an ethical therapist must show restraint. They cannot feel sexually attracted to patients or else they can lose their job and license.

A highly esteemed massage therapist from Maryland is facing second-degree rape charges after an incident with a client. The man, who is known for helping wounded warriors, is now facing a battle of his own after a client accused him of sexual assault.

The incident occurred at the massage therapist’s home in Silver Spring in July. The therapist was performing a massage on a male client in his in-home massage studio. The massage started off normal but then the massage therapist allegedly reached under the client’s towel and grabbed him. The victim let out a scream and the therapist asked “Did I hurt you?”

The victim was shocked by the event. He got up, showered and left. He told police about the incident. They set up a phone call between the victim and the massage therapist. In the phone call, the massage therapist admits that he “got carried away” and he “did the wrong thing.”

The massage therapist was arrested in early October. He is currently being held without bond. His bond hearing is expected to take place soon.

Sexual Misconduct Among Massage Therapists

Massages take place when the client is wearing minimal clothing. They may be wearing nothing or have just a towel to cover private areas. This can make clients feel uncomfortable, as not only is the client exposed, but the massage therapist is using their hands to touch the person’s body.

Massage is used to relieve pain and stress, but sometimes it can feel too sensual. This is especially true if the massage therapist spends too much time massaging around private areas. This can make a client feel dirty and even more stressed. Some experience long-term trauma from the event.

There are three main types of crimes by massage therapists:

  • Sexual violation.This type of abuse may include exposing or touching a client’s private areas during a massage therapy. The therapist may touch themselves or engage in more explicit sexual assault.
  • Sexual transgression. This can be a gray area, as it involves touching that may not be sexual but can be considered inappropriate. This includes areas such as the upper thigh or areas close to the breasts. Massage therapists should obtain consent before massaging these areas.
  • Sexual impropriety.This does not involve touching but instead includes verbal comments or inappropriate behavior. Examples include making rude comments about a client’s body, non-consensual flirting and videotaping a massage without consent.
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When it comes to sex, no means no. A person should never touch another person without their consent. Such inappropriate touching can lead to sexual assault charges, which can lead to harsh penalties as well as severe harm to a person’s reputation.

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