Substitute Teacher at Maryland School Faces Abuse Charges

Things may be going well at your child’s school until the regular teacher has to miss class one day. Your child has a substitute teacher, which may seem cool to some students—until they are victim to the substitute’s oddball behavior and sexual abuse.

A female substitute teacher was assigned to teach a fourth grade class at Halethorpe Elementary School on February 11. That will turn out to be a day that most of those students won’t forget anytime soon.

Students say the substitute teacher was exhibiting bizarre behavior. She was physically grabbing children and asking them to pull out their chair from their desk. The teacher then bounced on their laps. When one girl refused to move her chair, the teacher dug her nails into the girl’s armpits.

In one incident, the substitute teacher pulled a boy toward her, placed his hands on his head, crossed her legs over his legs and kissed him on the cheek. The boy also told his mom that the teacher sat on him and bounced on his lap.

The teacher also played a “clapping game” with the students. She asked them to name body parts, using examples such as “nipple” and “breasts.” She also made the students run around in a circle and then she would pull out chairs to trip them. One boy injured his leg climbing over desks to hide from the substitute teacher.

Multiple students asked to leave the classroom, but were refused permission by the substitute teacher. One boy tried to leave, but the substitute grabbed his neck to stop him. Two students left the class and told the guidance counselor about the incidents. The assistant principal observed her behavior and escorted her out of the classroom.

The incident caused extreme psychological damage so several students. One of the boys who told the guidance counselor about the teacher has not returned to school yet. He’s scared that the substitute teacher will hurt him for telling on her. Another boy was taken out of school the next day due to high levels of stress.

The parent of the child who was kissed on the cheek filed a report with police. In the report, the parent alleged that the substitute teacher abused her son. No other details from the report have been released.

Parents received an automated phone call that afternoon. They were told that an incident had occurred at school and that they should contact the principal for more information. The substitute teacher is no longer employed by the school. It is unknown how long she worked for the school. An investigation is ongoing.

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Abuse against children is not tolerated, especially when it is of a sexual nature. Teachers should not inappropriately touch students. When they cross that line, they can expect harsh penalties.

If you are a teacher facing abuse or sexual harassment charges, get help from a Columbia sex crimes attorney at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. We can serve as a strong legal advocate. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form.


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