Police Looking For Rape Suspect In Glen Burnie

Sex is something that requires the consent of all parties involved. However, that does not always happen. Sometimes one party will force themselves onto the other and have sex with them. This is referred to as rape or sexual assault and it is a serious crime.

On the evening of April 28, police were called to the 6300 block of Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie to investigate a sexual assault that had just taken place. A woman had arranged for a ride and she was picked up by a man on Elkridge Landing Road in Linthicum. The man then drove her to Ritchie Highway. He drove around the parking lot and parked by a set of dumpsters by a hotel. The man then grabbed the woman from the car and pulled her behind the dumpsters. A woman who witnessed the incident went into the hotel lobby and told the clerk to call 911.

The woman confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted by the man, who was armed with a knife. The man took her personal belongings and fled in his vehicle after the assault. Police officers arrived at the scene and searched for the suspect, but could not locate him. Detectives looked for additional witnesses and evidence at the areas where the woman was picked up and where the assault occurred.

The suspect was described as a dark skinned man, approximately 25-30 years old, with short hair, a goatee, and average build. He was wearing dark pants, a dark sweatshirt, a dark colored baseball cap, and tennis shoes. He was driving a dark colored Hyundai sedan. Anne Arundel County Police is still investigating the case and is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact the police department.

Are There Defenses for Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is hard to defend against, but there are some defenses available. They include the following:

  • Sometimes people are misrepresented as sexual assault suspects. In these cases, the accused must prove that they were not with the victim at the time of the rape and are in fact innocent. This involves creating an alibi, which requires evidence such as receipts, credit card bills, or witness testimonies.
  • Another defense is that that the victim consented to the sex act. However, proving that this happened can be difficult. That’s why the accused will sometimes use the victim’s sexual history as proof. For example, if the victim and accused had engaged in sexual activity in the past, then that can be used to show consent.
  • Mental incapacity. Sometimes defendants will plead insanity or show that they had some mental illness at the time of the sexual assault.
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Sexual assault and other sex crimes come with harsh penalties. You could spend decades in prison, so you need someone on your side to defend you.

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