Maryland parents can get support for disabled adult children

Maryland child support laws fortunately give parents of disabled children the ability to continue to seek child support even after those children reach adulthood. In the right circumstances, a Howard County child support lawyer can help a parent establish or continue child support for an adult child so that the parent that provides care can meet that child’s unique and ongoing financial needs.

In some states, this is not the case. In one other state, a woman is now lobbying for a law in her state that will allow parents of adult children to continue to collect child support when that child is disabled and has special needs. She says that she will work to get similar passed in other states that do not already have similar provisions on their books.

The woman’s own child, having been born with a serious genetic defect, cannot feed herself or walk. She needs her mother’s constant care. Nevertheless, the child’s father quit paying child support when the child turned 18.

When the mother took the father to court seeking additional financial support, the judge sided with the father, saying that the laws of their state did not allow child support past the age of 18 except when a child is still in high school.

After the ruling, the woman lobbied her state lawmakers, and she has enjoyed some success as a result of her efforts. A proposal is pending in this state’s legislature that, if passed, would allow parents of disabled children to continue receiving support once these children reach adulthood.

In Maryland, disabled children may have the right to child support into adulthood. However, getting support for adult children may not be as easy as one might think. For example some noncustodial parents may not relish the thought of possibly having to pay support for the rest of a child’s life. Those with disabled children may want to explore their legal options before planning a firm course of action.

Source: WNEM, “Tough questions: child support for life?” Kristin Moore, April 9, 2013

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