Prescription drug crimes have differing degrees

Prescription drug crimes are serious crimes that can lead to time in prison and a felony conviction. For some people, the pull to use drugs isn’t a matter a choice. It has become an addiction.

When addiction is a factor in a case for prescription drug crimes, there are a lot of things to think about. One of these is whether there is a need to rehabilitate or to punish. Oftentimes, the answer is actually both.

Typically, people who are facing criminal charges for possession of these drugs are the ones who might need help with an addiction. This is also true for people who are facing charges for forging prescriptions and similar matters.

When pain pills are at the heart of a drug case, the doctor who is prescribing the drugs might be pulled into the criminal justice system. These doctors could be operating pill mills, which can lead to criminal charges.

Interestingly, even individuals charged with selling prescription drugs might need help. The help might be more along the lines of program referrals to help them get on their feet financially. The need for money to live might lead a person who truly needs the medications, such as narcotic pain killers, to sell those drugs and just live in pain.

When you are facing any sort of drug charge related to prescription drugs, you need to think carefully about your defense strategy. The reason for your actions might come into the picture during the process. In some cases, this need for rehabilitation might help you to find alternative sentencing options that are available when cases meet certain criteria.

Source: FindLaw, “Types of Prescription Drug Crimes,” Ephrat Livni, Esq., accessed April 17, 2017

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