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Prescription drug abuse might lead to criminal charges

Prescription drug violations are very serious criminal charges that often require a multi-faceted approach. If you are facing these types of charges, we must work together to determine if there is a way that we can minimize the penalties you will face. As we do that, we must build your defense strategy to prepare for a trial if that is how the case might be resolved.

In many cases, prescription drug violations aren’t meant to be criminal acts. Instead, these violations are more akin to a cry for help. You might not realize that you had such a bad problem or you might have known you had a drug problem but didn’t know how to get help for your addiction. This whole time, your addiction is getting stronger and your need for the drugs is increasing. Eventually, you got caught and are now facing criminal charges.

We know that shipping someone off to prison isn’t going to help a drug abuse problem. If you are facing a first-offense prescription drug violation, we can help you to discover ways that you might be able to avoid going to prison. This will often include you getting the help you need to move past the addiction and learn how to live a sober life.

If you are facing a subsequent offense or a more serious charge, we can still help you to learn about what you might be able to do to minimize the penalties. You must consider how each option will affect you before you decide which option you want to pursue.

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