Maryland Man Receives 5th DUI Charge

While motorists know that they should never drink and drive, many still do. They do it one time and learn their lesson after getting their driver’s license taken away and having to pay hefty fines. Others, however, never learn, amassing multiple DUI convictions.

A Maryland man recently received his fifth DUI charge. The man was driving in neighboring Delaware on the evening of August 26. He was in a Volkswagen Passat when he rear-ended a Toyota RAV4 on State Route 1. The Toyota went across a grass median and traveled across the southbound lanes of the highway before hitting a concrete curb.

The driver of the Toyota, a 61-year-old man from Rehoboth Beach, was seriously injured. He was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment. A passenger in the Toyota, a 59-year-old man also from Rehoboth Beach, was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. State Route 1 was closed for several hours.

The driver of the Volkswagen, a 49-year-old man from Edgewood, Maryland, was not injured in the crash. However, he faces multiple criminal charges, including second degree vehicular assault, speeding, inattentive driving and driving without required insurance. The man also faces two felony charges: fifth offense DUI and first-degree vehicular assault.

The man was arraigned in Justice of the Peace Court. He was placed in Sussex Correctional Institution on a $30,002 cash bond.

Penalties for 5th DUI

A person who has five DUI offenses on their record is facing strict penalties. Not only are they facing the penalties for fifth offenses, but also for first, second, third and fourth offenses.

The penalties for a fifth DUI include one year in jail, $1,000 fine and 12 points on your license. A person with five DUIs on their record likely does not have a valid driver’s license, as their license should have been suspended/revoked from their previous DUIs. A person will also be required to participate in an alcohol or drug abuse program. They would also have to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle, which would prohibit them from driving while intoxicated.

Maryland typically does not classify DUI offenses as felonies. In fact, the state is one of the most lenient when it comes to penalties for DUI offenses.

As such, the biggest penalties the man will face in this case is vehicular assault, since he caused a crash that seriously injured two people. Vehicular assault is typically caused by several reasons: reckless driving, driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license and drunk driving. The man in this case committed all three of these offenses.

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Driving while intoxicated is a serious crime that can lead to felony charges. For each DUI you get on your record, your penalties increase.

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