Coast Guard Lieutenant Faces Weapons, Drug Charges

Weapons and drugs are two things that can be deadly. They are threats to society and as a result, those who are accused of crimes involving drugs and weapons can face serious criminal charges.

A Coast Guard Lieutenant from Maryland recently pled guilty to gun and drug charges after he was accused of stockpiling weapons and planning to carry out a mass killing, particularly targeting TV journalists and Democrats. The 50-year-old man from Silver Spring was in court on October 3. He stepped into the courtroom and signed a plea agreement just moments later. He pled guilty to the four criminal counts: two counts of illegal possession of unregistered silencers without serial numbers, illegal possession of the opioid tramadol and possession of a firearm by an unauthorized user of a controlled substance.

The man, described by federal prosecutors as a white nationalist with terrorist intent, was arrested in February. However, he was not charged with terrorism. He will be sentenced on January 31. He faces up to 31 years in prison.

According to the prosecutors, the man created a computer spreadsheet that featured a hit list. On this list were several notable Democrats, including Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several Democrats who are running for president, such as Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Several TV journalists were also included on this hit list, including Chris Cuomo and Van Jones from CNN and Chris Hayes and Joe Scarborough from MSNBC.

The man also targeted Supreme Court justices and social media company executives. In March 2018, prosecutors discovered that he had searched online for their home addresses as well as websites featuring firearm sales. On top of that, the man admitted that he had used multiple email accounts to order to illegally order tramadol online between March 2016 and February 2019.

Prosecutors alleged that the man supported extremist views for many years. He also intended to murder innocent civilians, based on an email he drafted in which he stated that he had a dream of killing everyone on the earth.

At the man’s apartment, investigators found 15 guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition. He had performed research about Nazis, Adolf Hitler and how to make homemade bombs and mortars. He also studied sniper training. A federal judge refused to dismiss the gun charges, since the man’s illegal possession of firearm silencers violated his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

The man’s public defender alleges that the claims have been exaggerated. He was not plotting a terrorist attack, despite speculation from the prosecution. He also allegedly never meant to harm anyone. The man, who served in the Coast Guard for more than 20 years, regrets the embarrassment that he has caused the Coast Guard, as well as his family.

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