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Could upping price of cigars in Maryland decrease marijuana use?

Despite the fight within Maryland to legalize medical marijuana (and some marijuana advocates’ intentions to legalize the drug entirely), marijuana remains an…

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Hope and effort to legalize medical marijuana continue in Maryland

It will come up and get rejected, but it will always rise again — the effort to make the use of medical…

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A new drug could now get you in trouble with Maryland law

If you were to hear, “Pass the salt,” you would probably envision a dinner table, a family and a salt shaker being…

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Maryland debates making ‘bath salts’ illegal drug

When you hear the term “bath salts,” you probably think of a spa product and a nice warm tub. As we should…

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Man’s false Baltimore drug arrest deemed unwarranted by court

This is the United States, and though sometimes the legal system doesn’t always work the way we think it should, we are…

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Effort to decriminalize medical marijuana in Maryland on hold

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana are in a waiting game now. Maryland’s legislative session ended last week without the lawmakers having decided…

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Smoking ban could spread into Maryland vehicles with kids

Many critics call places with over-reaching government authority “nanny states.” Some worry that the state is moving more in that direction, and…

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With drug charges, Baltimore actress’ life mirrors art

HBO has been the home of various popular fictional series. In many cases, shows reach a high level of success because the…

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Woman’s Maryland possession sentence reduced by Judge

Moved by an alleged promise of romance, one Maryland woman got herself into some legal trouble. She was reportedly visiting an inmate…

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Should drug dogs be used in our kids’ Maryland schools?

Maybe times have changed, but to many, the idea of dogs being used in children’s schools brings to mind a startling image.…

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Montel for marijuana: Ex-host supports legalization in Maryland

Legalizing the medical use of marijuana in Maryland has been considered in recent years, without success for legalization supporters. But there is…

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Cruise Ship Employees Arrested in Baltimore for Drug Charges

Last week, federal authorities made several arrests after a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in Baltimore. According to sources, the Enchantment of…

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Real Thing or Not, Possession of ‘Fake Pot’ is Now a Crime

Illegal incense? Yes, it does exist, according to a decision that the DEA made last week. The herbal incense has been sold…

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In Pursuit to Bust Him for Drug Crime, Police Hit Youth with Car

Did area police recently go overboard in their pursuit to capture a young man whom they believed they saw sell drugs? According…

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