Montel for marijuana: Ex-host supports legalization in Maryland

Legalizing the medical use of marijuana in Maryland has been considered in recent years, without success for legalization supporters. But there is a new proposal on the table, and along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, a TV star is also throwing in his emotional support for the well-being of patients seeking pain relief.

Baltimore’s Montel Williams, the former host of his daytime TV program, suffers from multiple sclerosis and the debilitating pain that comes along with the disease. His battle with MS has caused him to become an avid proponent for decriminalizing the medicinal use of marijuana. Williams claims that the drug is the only thing that relieves his pain and allows him to lead a productive life.

According to The Wilmington Journal, Maryland state legislators are scheduled to look at a bill this week that seeks to legalize medical marijuana. If fully approved, Maryland would join 15 other states and the District of Columbia in the progressive move.

Williams and the other supporters of legalization think that the new state legislation could be crafted to help patients in pain while avoiding the legal hiccups that other states have faced after changing their similar laws.

The trick to changing marijuana laws is for residents to stay up-to-date on exactly what’s legal and what’s not. Otherwise, many might think they are living by the law, but they make a mistake and, therefore, face drug charges.

In the case of the current Maryland proposal, only patients with certain ailments who’ve been unable to relieve their pain by other means would be approved to use marijuana. Plus, they could only legally get the drug from a licensed grower.

There are likely details in the proposed legislation that discuss how much can be grown, sold and possessed at any given time and place, but they are not currently available. The state legislature will reportedly consider legalization this week. We will post an update when further details about the bill and the session come out.


The Wilmington Journal: “Montel Williams Lobbies For Medical Marijuana in Maryland, Week of February 3-9, 2011,” Shernay Williams, 2 Feb. 2011

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