Cruise Ship Employees Arrested in Baltimore for Drug Charges

Last week, federal authorities made several arrests after a Royal Caribbean cruise ship docked in Baltimore. According to sources, the Enchantment of the Seas was serving as a drug carrier of the seas. Several of the ship’s employees were arrested due to their alleged connection to an estimated $100,000 worth of illegal drugs that was hidden in the ship.

Drug-sniffing dogs reportedly found heroin and cocaine in an area of the luxurious ship that only cruise employees can access. The investigation into the ship and the drug allegations were ignited when the boat’s security officer called customs and tipped them off.

The Capital reports that five people now face the charge of conspiracy to import heroin and cocaine. A couple of the suspects told authorities that they bought the drugs from someone in the Dominican Republic. Two names have been connected to the case in regards to the intent to buy the smuggled drugs, though the specifics behind those suspects are not available.

Sources report, however, that this case could be connected to a recent, similar smuggling incident. Employees of the same cruise ship were arrested in December for trying to sell drugs at a Baltimore Wal-Mart near the ship’s docking location. Whether that and this most recent case are connected has not been confirmed, but we will post an update as investigators reveal more behind this drug crime case.

Three of the ship’s charged employees have pleaded not guilty to the drug charges. Representatives from the Royal Caribbean cruise company ensure that they are helping in any way they can to help authorities in this case.


The Capital: “More drugs found on cruise ship in Baltimore,” Ben Nuckols, 12 Jan. 2011

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