Maryland Sister Charged in Drug-Related Murder Strikes Plea Deal

The Capital reported new developments yesterday in the case of two sisters charged with the Maryland homicide of a store clerk in December 2009. The younger of the two sisters, who is 22, has worked out a plea deal with prosecutors that will limit her maximum prison time to 10 years for her involvement in the violent crime.

According to reports, she agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder. Her 23-year-old sister, however, faces the more serious charge of first-degree murder. She was suspected to be the party who stabbed and killed the victim and has reportedly confessed to the stabbing.

Part of the evidence in authorities’ possession that’s working against the young sisters is a video surveillance recording from the store where the assault victim worked. The defendants were reportedly identified in the video walking away with the victim in one shot and then running away from the store after they allegedly attacked the victim.

Reports indicate that the violent crime was instigated because the victim owed the sisters money for drugs. Investigators allegedly found PCP in the women’s home and found a matching vial of the drug upon the victim’s body on the night he was killed.

The younger sister who has pled guilty to second-degree murder will face sentencing tomorrow. Drug charges were dropped in exchange for her plea, so her sentence will be based on the homicide charge and the agreement of a maximum 10-year sentence.

As for the older sister who admits to stabbing the victim, she is yet to face trial. She is scheduled to appear in court in late February and will then enter a plea. We will post an update as there are developments in this case.


The Capital: “Woman guilty of 2009 murder,” Scott Daugherty, 12 Jan. 2011

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