A new drug could now get you in trouble with Maryland law

If you were to hear, “Pass the salt,” you would probably envision a dinner table, a family and a salt shaker being passed across the place settings. But salt has taken on a new meaning. More specifically, “bath salt” has taken on a new meaning, as we discussed in a previous drug laws post.

Now, part of that new meaning in Maryland is that bath salts are officially considered controlled substances. No, we are not talking about salts used for bathing purposes. In the past year or so, a synthetic drug labeled as bath salts has become available within Maryland and other parts of the country. The synthetic drug is to no longer be sold in Maryland, at least not legally.

According to a Baltimore news report, The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene made a bold move this week, proclaiming that bath salts are now banned in the state. The sale and use of the synthetic drug has been going on without much legal consequence because the product was not chemically like another illegal substance. While bath salts reportedly mimic the effects of cocaine, the chemical makeup is different and, therefore, legal. Until now.

When drug laws or any laws change, it can be hard for the public to keep up. Lack of legal knowledge can land a person in the midst of legal trouble, and drug charges are nothing to take lightly. For now, it might be a good idea to buy a sugar scrub rather than something called bath salt, just to be safe.

If someone is charged with a drug crime related to bath salts or any other drug, relying on the knowledge of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help minimize any legal consequences he might face.


Baltimore Sun: “‘Bath salts’ listed as Controlled Dangerous Substance,” Meredit Cohn, Oct. 18, 2011

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