Maryland debates making ‘bath salts’ illegal drug

When you hear the term “bath salts,” you probably think of a spa product and a nice warm tub. As we should have all learned by now, however, the world is not such a simple and innocent place, and even “bath salts” now might not be what they seem.

“Bath salts” have recently become known around the country as a mind-altering substance. Similar to the controversy surrounding fake marijuana, there are synthetic drug products on the market called “bath salts” that some lawmakers want to classify as illegal drugs in their states.

Baltimore sources report that Maryland’s health secretary is evaluating the option of making the product illegal. If that happens, that means it will be illegal for Maryland residents to make, have and sell the legally available “bath salts.”

Why the hoopla surrounding a seemingly harmless product? According to reports, these synthetic “bath salts” are not harmless. When the product is ingested, smoked, inhaled or injected, it reportedly produces the same biological effects as cocaine or methamphetamines.

In Maryland alone, there have been more than 20 cases of poisoning related to the synthetic drug. Due to cases of poisoning and death, some other states have already moved forward with banning “bath salts.”

Lawmakers in the state are in the process of debating this issue and looking for public opinion to support a decision. What do you think? Should yet another substance be made illegal? Does the government already regulate too many drugs?


WBALTV: “Maryland May Ban ‘Bath Salts’ Drug,” 11 Jun. 2011

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