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With drug charges, Baltimore actress’ life mirrors art

HBO has been the home of various popular fictional series. In many cases, shows reach a high level of success because the plotlines of the programs touch a point of reality for viewers. One recent real-life case out of Baltimore exemplifies how art can reflect reality and vice versa.

A 30-year-old actress from the HBO series “The Wire” was arrested last week for a drug trafficking charge. “The Wire” is a program about the struggles on the streets of Baltimore, including the drug problems that reportedly pervade certain parts of the city.

According to Reuters, the young actress was just one of nearly 40 suspects arrested for a drug-related crime in a big sweep. The exact nature of the alleged drug crime and the actress’ alleged role in it have not yet been disclosed. But sources indicate that the celebrity defendant is charged with conspiracy to distribute heroin.

Sources have not yet shared statements from neither the defendant nor her criminal defense attorney. The severity of a drug charge often comes down to the amount of drugs at the center of the alleged crime. When we learn more about the case, we will be sure to post an update.

Hopefully, any charge or potential conviction that the actress faces as a result of the sweep will not be motivated out of the system trying to make an example out of a celebrity.


Reuters: “‘The Wire’ actress arrested in Baltimore drug sweep,” 11 Mar. 2011

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