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Woman’s Maryland possession sentence reduced by Judge

Moved by an alleged promise of romance, one Maryland woman got herself into some legal trouble. She was reportedly visiting an inmate at the Maryland Correctional Institution and was persuaded to participate in a drug crime by a manipulative inmate.

Sources report that the inmate wooed the 26-year-old woman into sneaking heroin into the facility. She was charged with possession and intent to distribute, charges that were out of the ordinary for the young Maryland woman.

When the drug case made it to trial, the defendant pleaded guilty to the charges. Her defense attorney, however, emphasized that the woman has a clean background and that the inmate fooled her into the illegal behavior.

At first, the woman was sentenced to four years in a state prison, six months of which she was ultimately mandated to serve. A judge has reduced her sentence even further now, a decision that will only stand as long as the woman lives up to a promise. She cannot visit any state correctional facilities in Washington County.

A drug possession conviction can result in serious consequences. A conviction can leave you with significant fines, jail time, and a criminal record that may affect your job. In this case, good behavior and a persistent fight for one’s freedoms ended in a relatively short, 119-day sentence for the defendant.


Herald-Mail: “Baltimore woman’s six-month sentence for possession reduced,” Don Aines 23 Feb. 2011

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