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Drug Possession

Traffic stop for speeding leads to drug possession charges

When police make a traffic stop, they are constantly looking for signs that a crime may be occurring. For the Easton Police…

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Car stop leads to 2 arrests, seizure of cocaine, cash

On Feb. 3, the Anne Arundel County Police conducted a car stop near Stream Valley Drive on Linden Grove Place in Odenton,…

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Explore defense options for all drug-related charges

We recently discussed the penalties for drug trafficking in Maryland. That isn’t the only drug charge that a person might face in…

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Cocaine mailed to man leads to jail sentence

A 42-year-old man from Annapolis, Maryland, received a package in the mail from a friend in Guatemala. He was anticipating the package…

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Vehicle search leads to 3 arrests for drugs, weapon

Recently, Glen Burnie police arrested three individuals after responding to a call about suspicious activity. Upon arriving at a parking lot on…

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Strong odor of pot leads to multiple weapons and drug charges

Anne Arundel County police made a traffic stop recently that led to the seizure of drugs, cash, weapons and the vehicle. The…

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Are Maryland prisons seeing fewer inmates in intake?

The Pew Charitable Trusts recently completed an analysis for the Justice Reinvestment Coordinating Council. The analysis was on the number of inmates…

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2 from Glen Burnie arrested for heroin

A young man and woman where arrested in Glen Burnie after the police conducted a raid on their home and found heroin.…

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Report shows heroin continues to be a major public health crisis

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released its annual report on drug overdose deaths in the state earlier this week…

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SCOTUS decides important case regarding vehicle searches, drug-sniffing dogs — II

Last week, we started discussing a very important decision recently handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States in Rodriguez…

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SCOTUS decides important case regarding vehicle searches, drug-sniffing dogs

The Supreme Court of the United States made headlines earlier this week when it handed down a decision regarding the use of…

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Should pot possession be excluded as a probation, parole violation?

For the last few weeks, our blog has been closely following the actions of the General Assembly. In particular, we’ve been playing…

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Lawmakers send bill decriminalizing pot paraphernalia to governor

As far as marijuana is concerned, lawmakers in Maryland have recently adopted what could easily be classified as a progressive approach, meaning…

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Will this be the year that Maryland legalizes pot?

The state of Maryland has drastically altered its position toward marijuana over the past year, adopting a stance toward the drug that…

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Efforts to combat heroin problem will continue under Gov.-elect

On Jan. 21, 2015, the governor’s mansion in Annapolis will officially change hands, as Gov.-elect Larry Hogan is officially sworn in to…

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Don’t discount the severity of marijuana-related crimes

People here in Maryland are still talking about the state’s new law concerning marijuana decriminalization nearly two months after it officially went…

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Maryland sees spike in the number of heroin, fentanyl overdoses

The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released a rather alarming set of figures last Friday outlining how the number of…

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Why did the DEA set up a fake Facebook profile?

There is no question that the way we communicate has undergone some fundamental changes over the last decade. While email and phone…

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Maryland’s marijuana decriminalization law now in effect

While most people might not have realized it, this past Wednesday was a somewhat historic day here in Maryland, as our new…

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3 Maryland residents accused of drug possession

Three Maryland individuals were accused of being in possession of drugs after several drug agencies conducted a search warrant on a Lexington…

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