Strong odor of pot leads to multiple weapons and drug charges

Anne Arundel County police made a traffic stop recently that led to the seizure of drugs, cash, weapons and the vehicle. The officer that stopped the vehicle said there was an “overwhelming odor of marijuana” emanating from the vehicle. The officer also saw a magazine for a handgun on the back seat.

Police searched the rest of the vehicle and discovered many illegal items. These included 37.8 grams of pot, 20 edible THC pieces, 8.22 grams of cocaine, paraphernalia, including a scale, baggies and a bag sealer, and $2,768 in case. The value of the narcotics on the street was $2,255.40. A loaded handgun and three magazines were also located.

Police seized the above items, as well as the vehicle. The man is now facing charges for possession of cocaine and marijuana, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana, felony handgun charges, possession of paraphernalia and traffic charges. A blue duffle bag yielded 41.13 grams of a crystal substance that was off-white in color. The state drug lab will test that substance to determine what it is. Additional charges may be added.

If you find yourself in similar trouble, you will want to start forming a strong defense as soon as possible. Charges such as these carry significant penalties, including jail or prison time, fines and more. In cases where a warrantless search is performed for much of the evidence, your attorney will want to ensure that your rights were protected and the search was done in accordance with the Fourth Amendment. Your attorney can explain more about warrantless searches.

Source: Anne Arundel Patch, “’Overwhelming Odor of Marijuana’ Leads to Arrest: Police,” Deb Belt, Aug. 25, 2015

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