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Explore defense options for all drug-related charges

We recently discussed the penalties for drug trafficking in Maryland. That isn’t the only drug charge that a person might face in this state. While drug trafficking is the most serious of all drug charges, it is vital that anyone who is facing any drug charge prepare a defense to fight the charges because even simple possession convictions can have long-lasting consequences.

We know that the last thing you want to do is to face criminal charges because of an addiction to drugs or the need to make some quick cash. We can’t promise you that your charges will go away, but we will explore every possible avenue to get your case resolved in the best way possible.

Not only do we explore the possible defense options that could help you to fight the charges, but we also explore your case to determine if there were any violations of your constitutional rights. In some cases, a violation of your constitutional rights might result in an evidence suppression or case dismissal. We will never know if those are possible unless we take a good look into your case.

It is imperative that you are an active participant in your case. We work with you to explain what choices and options you have at various points in your case so that you can decide what you feel comfortable with.

No matter what type of drug charge you are facing, we can help you to build your defense. Don’t wait to get started on your defense. You need an appropriate amount of time to get it all together.

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