When Dentists Get Addicted To Prescription Drugs

Many people use prescription drugs to relieve pain and manage chronic illnesses. However, some people use them to get high. When you take medication that is not prescribed to you, you are misusing drugs. This misuse can lead to abuse and addiction.

This is even true for medical professionals such as dentists. While many dentists can be trusted with medications, some take advantage of the fact that they can prescribe medications. Many use these medications for themselves and get involved in other prescription drug crimes.

You may be surprised to know that dentists are more likely than the general population to become addicted to prescription drugs. Around 12 percent of the general population will become addicted to drugs or alcohol at some point, but for dentists, it’s as high as 19 percent. The drugs of choice are opiates, nitrous oxide, and alcohol.

What Causes Addiction?

Why do dentists become addicted to prescription drugs at high rates? Stress is one of the biggest factors. Dentists often have their own practice, and managing that along with caring for patients can be very stressful. Many dentists are sole proprietors, isolated from their peers. In fact, they often view their peers as competitors. Combined with long work days and direct contact with patients, this all can be extremely tiring and stressful. Medications help take the edge off and allow dentists to relax, which makes them so sought after.

The stress doesn’t end there. Many dental practices have debt as well as personal stressors such as family and community expectations. Since only 65% of dentists are happy with their careers, the other 35% may need help destressing and relaxing. Prescription drugs are often the go-to form of relaxation for stressed-out dentists.

Their tendency toward addiction is also attributed to the personality of dentists. Dentists and other medical professionals tend to have a compulsive-obsessive personality that is manipulative and controlling. These personality traits allow dentists to easily find family members, employees, and colleagues who will enable them to do drugs, which causes their addiction to get worse.

While some dentists might steal drugs outright, others take multiple steps to cover up their tracks. They might, for example, write prescriptions for certain patients. The patients would have the prescriptions filled. The dentist would then ask the patient to return the drugs to them. In exchange, the dentist would provide free dental work for the patients. So there are various elaborate schemes that dentists may come up with. But these schemes are illegal and can lead to various penalties, including license loss, fines, and even jail time.

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Prescription drug use is on the rise. People of all ages and backgrounds use these medications and It’s not uncommon for dentists and other medical professionals to become addicted.

Prescription drug crimes are often state and federal charges, which can lead to hefty penalties. Seek legal help from the Glen Burnie prescription drug crime lawyers at The Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. Schedule a consultation today. Call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form. We have two offices to serve you.


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