Who cannot legally purchase or possess guns in Maryland?

In the interests of ensuring public safety, not everyone is legally allowed to own or possess a firearm in Maryland. The regulation of firearms across the nation falls under the jurisdiction of federal law, which state authorities help to enforce and uphold on the local levels. Without this regulation, it is safe to assume that guns could fall into the hands of those with a violent or criminal history. Obviously, this carries the risk of increasing weapons crime and placing citizens in danger.

One way federal laws control the purchasing and possession of firearms is by prohibiting those in certain categories from buying guns. In general, these categories can include felons, some domestic abusers, and some people who have a history of severe mental health issues. In Maryland specifically, here are a just few examples of individuals who cannot legally purchase or possess a firearm.

— A person convicted of any Maryland-classified felony

— A person convicted of certain Maryland-classified misdemeanors

— A person convicted of violent crimes

— A person who habitually uses drugs and/or alcohol

— A person classified as a fugitive from justice

— A person with a history of violent behavior

— A person who has been involuntarily committed to a mental health institute

The list above represents only a small portion of the firearm regulations controlling the ownership and possession of guns in Maryland. If you are considering buying a gun, it is a good idea to become familiar with all of the state’s gun laws before making a purchase. If you have already been charged with weapons crimes and you believe the allegations are erroneous, it will certainly help your case to seek legal representation.

Source: SmartGunLaws.org, “Prohibited Purchasers Generally in Maryland,” accessed Oct. 04, 2016

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