Man Charged with Child Sex Abuse After Groping Child on Train

Abusing a child in any way is never acceptable. However, some adults seem to think it is OK to touch a child in an inappropriate manner. Many children don’t know what to do in these situations, so they allow the abuse to continue. Some older children, however, are proactive and know to contact police when someone touches them in an offensive way.

A Maryland man was recently charged with child sex abuse after allegedly groping a child on a train. The incident happened on the evening of October 9 on a Yellow Line Train. The train was traveling between Pentagon and L’Enfant Plaza stations in Washington, D.C. when the abuse occurred.

The victim, a male child, told police that a 55-year-old man sat next to him on the train and groped him. When the train arrived at L’Enfant Plaza, the victim told transit officers about the incident. Police officers got onto the train with the victim, and the boy was able to identify the man who abused him.

The man was arrested and charged with child sex abuse, a second-degree felony. He appeared in court the following afternoon. His hearing is scheduled for November 6.

What is Child Sex Abuse?

Child sex abuse, also known as molestation, involves the use of a child for sexual stimulation and may encompass various acts. It can include groping and any other type of unwanted sexual touching, as well as rape, sodomy, kidnapping, indecent exposure and soliciting a minor. It can also include human trafficking and child porn.

There are four degrees of child sex abuse in Maryland. The least serious is fourth-degree child sex abuse, which is a misdemeanor. It involves sex acts with a child who is 14 or 15 years old child when the defendant is at least four years older. A person can face a $1,000 fine and one year in prison.

Third-degree child sex abuse refers to unwanted sexual contact that involves threats or weapons. It is a felony offense that can result in up to 10 years in prison.

Second-degree child sex abuse occurs when a person over the age of 18 engages in sexual acts with someone under the age of 13. This is also a felony offense and it can lead to life in prison.

The most serious offense is first-degree child sex abuse. This involves kidnapping and raping a child. This felony offense comes with strict punishment: life in prison without parole.

Contact a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

Abuse of a child is frowned upon and is not tolerated in Maryland. Committing any acts that are sexual in nature can lead to lifelong repercussions. You will have a felony charge on your criminal record and be forced to register as a sex offender.

These crimes are serious, so let the Columbia child sex abuse lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. help you with your defense. The sooner you act, the better. Schedule a free consultation by filling out the online form or calling (410) 774-5987.


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