Maryland Man Convicted of Fentanyl Distribution

Drug crimes are common in Maryland and other parts of the country. Drug trafficking can net huge sums of money, since people are willing to pay top dollar for certain drugs. Some drug rings can net millions of dollars.

A man from Anne Arundel County was recently convicted of conspiring to sell fentanyl, among other charges. On September 30, a federal jury convicted the 47-year-old man of two counts of possessing fentanyl with the intent to distribute, as well as conspiracy to distribute and federal gun charges.

Federal agents investigated the man for 11 months. They found that the man, from Hanover, sold fentanyl, cocaine and heroin around Baltimore and neighboring areas. The man dealt large quantities of fentanyl and was very successful, earning millions of dollars from his drug ring.

Authorities seized more than 10 kilograms of fentanyl from the man. They also took more than $4 million in cash, as well as a firearm and bags full of jewelry and cash. Officials want the man to forfeit other assets as well, including money, luxury cars, and expensive jewelry such as Rolex watches and diamond bracelets.

The man is scheduled to be sentenced in January. He could face life in federal prison.

What is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is used to relieve pain. It is a Schedule II drug available via prescription only, although it is often sold on the streets. Non-pharmaceutical fentanyl that is sold on the streets is dangerous. It is sometimes laced with heroin and may go by names such as Apache, China White, TNT, Dance Fever, Jackpot, Friend, Goodfella, and Tango and Cash.

Fentanyl is most commonly used to help manage severe pain after surgery. It may also be used to help cancer patients and others with chronic pain that cannot be relieved with other less potent drugs. Fentanyl is a highly addictive narcotic that is in high demand. It is very powerful, as much as 50 times more potent than heroin and 100 times more potent than morphine.

Fentanyl is popular but deadly. In the past five years, deaths from fentanyl increased tenfold. The drug is one of the most commonly used ones in overdose deaths. In 2016, there were 42,249 overdose deaths caused by opioids. Of those, 19,413 were caused by fentanyl and other synthetic opioids, 17,087 were caused by prescription opioids and another 15,469 were caused by heroin.

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While drugs are prevalent in many parts of the United States, this does not make them legal. Those convicted of drug crimes, particularly those involving fentanyl distribution, can face hefty fines and many years in prison.

Your life is on the line, so don’t handle such a criminal charge on your own. The Columbia drug crimes lawyers at the Law Offices of Todd K. Mohink, P.A. can provide you with a solid defense. We will work hard to get you a favorable outcome. Call (410) 774-5987 or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation.


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