Maryland domestic violence laws highlighted by athlete’s firing

There are many variations of cases involving domestic abuse. They can involve family members, husbands and wives, people cohabitating with one another, those who share children and even strangers. An Ann Arundel County domestic violence lawyer sees all the different forms of domestic abuse. This has been true whether the issue is rarely discussed or if there is a known public figure in the state who is in the center of the storm of domestic abuse and its ramifications.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who was arrested in the spring for abusing his then-fiancée (now his wife) was suspended from the NFL indefinitely and fired from his team after a video of the elevator assault was released to the public. Mr. Rice, who had initially been suspended two games by the NFL at the time of the incident and his arrest, found himself under intense scrutiny after the public disclosure of the video of him punching his fiancée in the face. The sequence of events has placed domestic abuse and Maryland domestic violence laws to the forefront of public discourse.

When there is domestic violence occurring, it’s important for the victim to know what to do to put a stop to it and to receive protection under the law. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a relative or person with whom the victim is in a relationship for there to be domestic abuse. There are methods for the abused person to receive legal protection.

A Maryland domestic violence lawyer can help with acquiring a protective order for an abused person to be shielded from a husband, a wife, a person with whom a child is shared or a person with whom they’ve lived for a minimum of 90 days. A peace order is for protection from an acquaintance, a neighbor or a stranger. There are various aspects of a protective order – interim, temporary and final – that can also assist with custody of children and financial support for the duration.

The case of Mr. Rice and his wife has shined the light more heavily on the problem of domestic abuse and how it is dealt with by employers and the law. Give its public profile, those who are being abused should be aware of how to move forward to put a stop to it. For that, speaking to a Maryland domestic violence lawyer can provide useful information.

Source:, “Baltimore Ravens release RB Ray Rice in wake of domestic violence controversy,” Sept. 8, 2014

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